Bodegas Fernandez Gasco

Cuba Vieja

Gran descubrimiento vino con carácter pero nobleza sobre paladar. Romántico rojo rubi al ojo del buen conocedor. — 14 days ago

Gilles Azzoni

Fable Le Lion & Le Rat Cabernet Sauvignon

A nice wine, full bodied with hints of honeysuckle. This was a gift from my brother to my sister, from Cuba however the wine is French. — a year ago

Cerveceria Bucanero S.A.

Cerveza Cristal Lager 2019

Mid nineties in Havana calls for a cold beer. Rather tasty and hit the spot. Want to cheers all the wonderful people we met and wish them the best. We were lucky to make it to this beautiful city the week before the new sanctions went into effect. Hopefully it will be short so the good people of Cuba don’t suffer too much. — 2 years ago

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@Paul Hoffert Cheers 🍻


Superior de Cuba Rum

I know it’s not wine, but felt compelled to share this beauty. Pre-embargo Cuban rum from the Bacardi distillery in Santiago, Cuba. Wow what an amazing treat. Back in the day, the Missouri alcohol tax for this bottle was .15¢ — 3 years ago

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Superior White Rum

Cuba Libre. Nuff Said! — a year ago

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Rum and cola! Yum!

Prairie Artisan Ales

Ape Snake Ale

Volatile number, with a nuclear mousse; big whipped cocoa pudding top pumping up like a volcanic island. Zero lacing, despite marathon persistence. Herbal jasmine and lavender in chocolate with black pepper scents. Orange peel, Cuba libre, ginger, and Old Spice-allspice. Finesse mouthfeel turns beef Bourgogne iron skillet de glace. There is a soy sauced tofu element, complete with green onion and black mushrooms. Not at all what I imagined, yeasty-malty salty-sluice-y and a real anomaly. This damned hairy ape! Is it even from this planet? — 2 years ago

Bibi Graetz

Grilli Toscana Sangiovese Blend 2016

Naples FL with Z fam post Cuba & TSA Conf — 3 years ago

Cabeças do Reguengo

Quartzo Alentejo Portalegre White Blend 2016

Especial esse vinho de vinhas velhas do Alentejo e estagiado em cuba de cimento. Equilibrado, de final persistente, com predominância mineral em boca, com um fundo de especiarias e nota cítrica. — a year ago

Tenuta Caparzo

Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2014

So I was lucky enough to go to Cuba recently. Such an amazing place with the most wonderful people you ever want to meet. With that being said wine was not abundant in most places. Our travels found us in an out of the way place well outside the the old town area. Out of the couple of bottles they offered we went with this one. It was a lucky guess. It had a very pleasant nose of light red fruit. If I had to pick cherry would be the most dominate. It drank very well with subtle red fruits, licorice and to me a bit of earth notes and leather. I will be honest that depending on the company and location sometimes my ratings are higher and this may be one of those times. But overall I really enjoyed this wine. I don’t think I am too far off on this one. Hope you try it and like it as well. — 2 years ago

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@Paul Hoffert Paul looks and sounds great Cheers 🍷