St. James Winery

Velvet Red Sweet Concord

Sweet at first and then tart to finish. A very good contrast. Not too sweet and not too tart. My favorite wine so far. — 2 years ago


Kabinett trocken Pinot Noir 2017

Jam-y plum nose. Concord grapes on the pallet. Nice tannins to finish. — 4 years ago

Baltimore Bend Vineyard

Arrowhead Red Concord

Sweet and rich, my go to red. — 5 years ago

Oliver Winery

Sweet Red Concord

Oliver is one of my personal favorites! The sweet red is my favorite wine they have. — 2 years ago

Mogen David


Nice sweet Passover communion tasting wine — 4 years ago

Mazza Vineyards

Pennsylvania Concord

Love my sweet wines!! — 4 years ago

Porch Swing

Reserve Sweet Red Concord

Smells and tastes just like purple grape juice with a hint of alcohol! Very sweet and slightly fizzy. — 5 years ago

Harvest Ridge Winery

Blue Hen Blue

I love the sweet blueberry and grape mixture. One of my favorite blueberry based wines. "It taste so good when it hits the lips" 🍇 🍷 — 3 years ago

Swedish Hill Winery

Classic Concord

This wine is college in a bottle. It’s a glass of Concord grapes. This is for summer, when you’re not taking yourself too seriously. This also would make an excellent sangria. Or just throw a few lime slices in your glass and go on with your day. Concord grapes in a glass. Grown up grape juice. — 5 years ago