Cocobon Wines

Estates Roasted Oak California Buttery Chardonnay 2015

Pleasantly surprised by this bottle. Was skeptical at first but it did not disappoint. Very decent bottle for a really good price. Not too sweet and not too dry, nice, rich and smooth texture, perfect for a hot summer day or evening! — 2 years ago

Cocobon Wines

California Red Blend

Jessie got this wine for us for our tenth anniversary. She liked it too, which is rare for a red. I found it delicious. — 6 years ago

Primal Roots

California Red Blend 2015

Trader Joe's $6.99 Like Apothec. A lot better than Cocobon at same price! — 5 years ago

Cocobon Wines

California Red Blend 2013

Juicy with a nice, velvety dryness. One of my new favs! — 7 years ago

Cocobon Wines

Dark California Red Blend

Very nice flavor nice nose. I really like the darkness of he wine it’s self — 4 years ago

Trader Joe's

Mystos California Red Blend

$7 TJ's similar to cocobon — 10 years ago