Fattoria di Poggio Capponi

Bianco di Binto Toscana Bianco Chardonnay Blend

Rating the Vermentino — tasted like green almonds and grass clippings, whoo!! — a year ago

Courtyard Winery


Dry, citrus taste, smooth. — 6 years ago

Flying Otter Winery

Chardonel Traminette 2016

Refreshing, slightly sweet — 7 years ago

Old Westminster Winery

Honey Viognier Chardonel 2022

2022. Our guests enjoy off dry whites and this Viognier/Chardonel wine with local wildflower honey added that we picked up at the winery this weekend hit the spot. The floral Viognier and honey amplified each other without over being powering. Paired great with Indian take out! — a year ago

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Huber Winery

Barrel Fermented Chardonel 2015

Apricot and buttery finish. Really good for a chardonnay base. Paired Well with chicken — 6 years ago

Stone Hill Winery

Reserve Hermann Dry Chardonel 2015

Ok, this will read a little oddly...

Decanted 2H. Somewhat Meursault-like... Nose has dried pineapple, hazelnut butter and fresh honey. Palate has warmed pear, browning butter and dried lime zest.

24H Update:
Nose has candied pineapple, slight vanilla oak, crushed hazelnut, buckwheat honey and lemon zest. Palate has warmed pear, lime pith, browning butter and oxidized yellow apple. This bottle is really changing my perception of MO wines, we've certainly had good whites/reds from the State, but this is a different standard. I'll still confess if blinded, this is Meursault, after several hours of air last night, and again with 24 hours of air, just wow!
— 2 years ago

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Saude Creek Vineyards

Pamunkey Fall Chardonnay Chardonel 2015

Great white blend. Sweet without being too sweet. Was great with tuna casserole — 6 years ago

Connecticut Valley Winery


My favorite wine and so close to home 😊 — 7 years ago