Azienda Agricola La Visciola

Priore Ju Quarto Cesanese del Piglio 2015

Big cherries and slight alcohol on the nose that comes off as flowers on the palate, then, with air, the nose opens to figs, plums, blackberries, brown sugar. The cherries are super sweet, and there's light spice, fennel, nutmeg, and light leather on the palate, and a cherry skin or overripe fruit, barnyardy-savory bitter edge on the finish that I am very happy about. Some mouth-coating tannins on here, which soften, but certainly do not go away, the tannins give it structure the way that minerals do elsewhere. I don't think they take from this nimble wine, and they give it a character of its own: rustic and highly fragrant. — 3 years ago

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Piero Riccardi Lorella Reale

Càlitro Olevano Romano Cesanese

Fascinating. Strong barnyardy vibes in the nose, then tons of blueberry. In love with Lazio cesanese. — 4 years ago

Azienda Agricola La Visciola

Vicinale Cesanese del Piglio 2015

cul de sac_rome 26/bottle. nose berry fruit (merlot). hint of tannins at finish with bright acidity. smooth light body. — 5 years ago

Cantina Sant' Andrea

Sogno Rosso Cesanese - Merlot Blend

With calamari putanesca. A little sweet with the hint of damp earth after a rain. bought in a grocery store in Roma. — 3 years ago

Cantine Silvestri

Castelli Romani Rosso

Half bottle for €9, but well worth it! — 4 years ago

Piero Riccardi Lorella Reale

Collepazzo Olevano Romano Cesanese 2015

A lean, funky, and earthy Cesanese. Sour cherry, rose, and a sharp, mineral finish. — 4 years ago

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Cantina Formiconi

Cisinianum Cesanese of Affile 2015

R Bl

Somewhat reminiscent of Cerasuolo do Vitoria - violets smooth the bright red. — 5 years ago

Cantine San Marco

De' Notari Cesanese 2017

Excellent red fruit. Not to sweet. Not to dry. A crowed pleaser. Great value. — 3 years ago


Frascati Quaranta/Sessanta Cesanese 2016

40% Cesanese 60% Syrah blend from Lazio. 2016 is a bit young. Full bodied. Filled with sour cherry and currant. Having across the street from the Roman Forum with eggplant parm Roman style... quite lovely as the wine augments the flavors in the nice nightshade dish — 3 years ago

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Damiano Ciolli

Silene Olevano Romano Cesanese Superiore

trapizzino. moderate fruit, medium body, v little tannins at finish, violets — 5 years ago