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Toscana Merlot 1997

Diciembre 2, 2015 Lorenzo, forte di Marti, Italia: solo NOS — 7 years ago

Standing Stone Vineyards

Finger Lakes Saperavi 2017

Finger. Lakes. Saperavi.

If this ain’t American winemaking in the 21st century we don’t know what is! 🇺🇸🍷🇬🇪🍇

At least, that’s what we were thinking before reading up on Standing Stone and founders Marti & Tom Macinski. They actually first planted this fascinating Georgian grape here in ***1994*** (just 3 years after Georgia left the USSR, for those keeping score at home) intended for blending.

Increasingly impressed by the quality of the grapes, they offered their first varietal Saperavi in 2010 - as “The Dark Red”, since the grape name was as yet unrecognized by the federal government. Once it was, they became the first American winery to release a wine labeled Saperavi.

Fine tuned to the cold, high mountains of Kakheti in eastern Georgia, it makes sense why it would thrive in the Finger Lakes! The name Saperavi literally means “ink”, a sensible name for a grape with pitch-dark skin AND flesh! 🖤

Marti and Tom sold the winery and retired in 2017. But their enduring legacy may just be budding. We’ve heard of Saperavi planting projects underway in New York, Virginia, and Oregon.

Saperavi’s runaway affinity for the Finger Lakes may have been a bit of a happy accident, but the Macinskis deserve every bit of credit for thinking outside the box, putting it in motion, and bringing it to fruition! 🙌🙌🙌
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Albet i Noya

Marti Reserva Penedès Red Blend 1990

Ens va acompanyar en un sopar d'ex-membres d'una junta directiva. Bo no, boníssin — 6 years ago

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Celler Marti Fabra

Empordà Masia Carreras Grenache Blend 2013

Silvia's Wine

Very elegant red with impressive finish. — 7 years ago

Celler Marti Fabra

Masia Carreras Empordà Blanc White Blend 2015

Groc daurat , dens i saborós, equilibrat , de sabor potent de fruita madura i final mineral. Les Cols. — 5 years ago

Bautista Marti

Lambrusco Dell` Emilia Amabile Bianco

Great pink lambrusco, a bit sweet and very easy to drink — 6 years ago

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Verd Albera Empordà White Blend 2013

Nice balance. Fresh and dry — 8 years ago

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