Añejo Tequila

Josh Krauss' favorite tequila. We got him a bottle for his birthday. — 5 months ago


Reposado Tequila

Smooth, very distinct vanilla notes. Thanks, George Clooney — 6 years ago


Joven Mezcal

Nose of wood smoke, green olive, prickly pear cactus.

Palate of smoke, pear, black pepper, and a briney/olive component.

When I first opened it, it had a distinct burning plastic/rubber component. As it got some O2, the aroma and flavor settled into more of the campfire range with some spicy, briney notes. A lot of flavor for a non wood aged liquor.
— 3 years ago


Blanco Tequila 2003

Lickit.slamit.suckit — 3 years ago

Wild Turkey

Longbranch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Some caramel and oak and smokiness that lingers. Can definitely taste the mesquite on the end. As a celebrity liquor (mcconaughey) this is far better than Clooney’s Casamigos. — 4 years ago

Michelle BraterHeather Dillaway
with Michelle and Heather
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Michelle Brater

Michelle Brater

Was pleasantly surprised at smoothness and taste. Caramel, vanilla and mesquite.