Caretaker Wines

Caretaker Wines

Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

Low tannins, sweet, leathery, but oh so easy to drink. Light finish on the tongue, little bit of nose to it. — a month ago

Caretaker Wines

Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay

For $9 I rate it a 9. Honey, pineapple, butter. Not reserved in any way. Delicious. — 6 years ago

Caretaker Wines

Central Coast Chardonnay

This wine helped me work on my personal growth, which natural comes from within. Especially hard with this one. — 4 years ago

Prince Florent de Merode

Clos du Roi Corton Grand Cru Pinot Noir 1969

Bryan Garcia

Bottle going on 50 but in great condition! (👍 to its previous caretaker for storing it well) This comes from part of the Corton vineyards now being leased by DRC. — 7 years ago

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Central Coast Chardonnay

Caretaker 2.0. LOVE Paso Robles. — 5 years ago

John Duval Wines

Plexus Shiraz Blend 2014

John Duval previously caretaker of Penfolds Grange! The Shiraz and Grenache combine flawlessly on the palate, the Shiraz peppery and biting with Grenache berry tones. The Mourvedre is the hidden gem. Balanced and structured. — 5 years ago

Caretaker Wines

Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir

Mild red. Pairs well with chocolate and a hot summer night. Worth the 9.99. — 8 years ago

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