Kav Boğazkere Öküzgözü 2009

I have got 10 bottles of 2009 Kav Red Wine, if anyone interested email me .. — 7 months ago


Pendore Bogazkere

My birthday cake :) — 2 years ago


Mahzen Bogazkere 2013

16.5/20 (90/100) Красивый и сложный аромат с нотами чернослива, гранатового сока, сушеных лекарственных трав, ванили и шоколада. Тельное с очень интенсивными и сухими танинами. Во вкусе проявляется кофейная горчинка. Мощное, молодое вино, способное прожить ещё как минимум пять лет. — 3 years ago



Very fruit forward and light. Super yummy. Smells dry but not dry. — 7 months ago


Reserve Dry Bogazkere 2011

2011. At Ottoman Taverna earlier this week. Paired well with kibbeh and lahmacun. When first opened, the cherry-berry aromas dominated the oak and the tannins were a little drying but not harsh. As it warmed, the vanilla and sweeter oak came forward. — 3 years ago

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Yakut Öküzgözü Boğazkere 2018

Cherry flavor, smooth, slightly acidic, and easy to drink. Found out our local Turkish market and the owner recommended this one based on my likes. Purchased for €5 and will buy it again on my next trip there. — 10 months ago


Nativus Öküzgözü Bogazkere 2016

Dry white with a peach notes marine nice expression of minerality and light fresh grass — 3 years ago

Yanik Ûlke

Miratus Oak Blend 2015

Big bold smooth
N: black berries / dark cherry / black pepper / mushroom
P: confirm nose / high tan not sticky / not grained / goes ripe red berries / high alc / full / med+ asi

— 4 years ago