Laurent Bannwarth

Vin d'Alsace Pinot Noir Nature 2020

The kind of lightly tannic red that will take you through everything, including the dishes you meant to have with white wine. — 4 months ago

Laurent Bannwarth

La Petite Folie Gewürztraminer 2018

Hint of green apple, sweet, and bit of bubbles. — 2 years ago

Laurent Bannwarth

Sylsvan'etre Alsace AOC Riesling 2015

Have a nuisance of carvadus — 6 years ago

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Laurent Bannwarth

La Vie en Rose 2021

Super floral on the nose and palate. — 5 months ago

Laurent Bannwarth

Vin d'Alsace Nature Riesling 2018

Vintage 2018 | I am glad to have tasted this wine, although blind tasted it certainly is an ordeal. It does not fit in the usual range of wines in the brain. The longer the wine was in the glass the more happy I was. Mint. Medicinal. Very high acidity. After a minute the wine comes together. An acquired taste, very difficult wine. — 4 years ago

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Laurent Bannwarth

L’Auxybull Vin d'Alsace Pinot Blanc Blend 2016

Very bubbly, a little sweet, and the PERFECT way to celebrate the end of co-op :) — 3 years ago

Laurent Bannwarth

patience... Alsace Riesling

This one sticks — 7 years ago

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