Wine Resolutions 2021

New year, new wine! As we enter 2021, the wine resolutions might look a bit different than they have in the past. From virtual tastings to Zoom wine hangouts with friends, adjustments were made to continue enjoying wine throughout this past year and will continue in the year ahead! We've gathered 10 wine New Year’s resolutions that you should add to your list! 1. NEW YEAR, NEW WINE. Try new wines that you have always wanted to try and wines that you have never even heard of! If you prefer to stick with certain types of wines that you know, then consider trying different vintages. There’s lots to explore when it comes to wine. 2. ORGANIZE THE WINE YOU ALREADY HAVE. Whether you have a few bottles left over from 2020 or have a cellar full, it is great to check in on your wine inventory to plan for the wine you wish to gather this year. 3. CALLING ALL TECH-SAVVY PARTY PLANNERS OUT THERE... host a wine tasting party over Zoom! Wine is best when shared with friends, one way or another. You can plan an evening that is filled with tasting new wines, discussions, research and learning. 4. LEARN MORE ABOUT WINE. From terminology to varietals to regions, wine knowledge is never ending, and you can always learn more. The in-depth coverage on Vinous of new vintages from top regions will be sure to intrigue and inspire. The Vinous app has a detailed vintage chart, grape guide and glossary, all of which are great tools when learning more. You can also check out all Vinous Live! Seminars that are designed to bring you insights straight from the brightest minds in wine. (These can also be viewed as a virtual party!) 5. USE YOUR COOKING SKILLS AND CREATE CLEVER FOOD AND WINE PAIRINGS. Take your wine skills to the next level by researching and exploring the different ways you can pair wine with food. Share the recipes and pairings with friends, and you can host a virtual pairing party! Check out Vinous in the Kitchen videos and articles for inspiration. Led by Eric Guido, Vinous’ resident Italian wine critic and also a professionally trained chef, Vinous in the Kitchen is a series of delicious recipes you can easily prepare at home. 6. NEW YEAR, NEW WINE GLASSES. If you have been wanting to expand your glassware collection, then this year is the perfect time to do so! They also make great gifts for the birthdays and holidays to come. 7. GIVE THE GIFT OF WINE. Spread the wine love and stock up for those special days coming up this year! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the best Rosé Champagnes won’t stick around forever. 8. DRINK YOUR SPECIAL BOTTLES. If you need an occasion, make the opening of a special bottle the occasion. Ultimately the wine you buy is there for your pleasure and you can only have that by popping a cork and enjoying your well rested wine. 9. BUY WINES CONNECTED TO SPECIAL MEMORIES. You know the wines we’re talking about. The wines that bring back wonderful times. If you’ve taken a trip to mark a momentous occasion or to expand your wine knowledge, then find your favorite wine from that trip. If you had a memorable visit with a producer, buy plenty of wine from that producer. Did you fall in love with a specific region after one unforgettable trip? Plan a virtual tasting all about that region. Get transported back to those moments with every bottle. 10. NEVER FORGET ANOTHER BOTTLE OR WINE EXPERIENCE. Last but not least, keep track of all the wines you drink this year on Delectable . Rate, comment, post and discuss with fellow Delectable users. We cannot wait to see all of your wine notes and ratings in 2021!