SommCon DC: Get F....d (Get Fortified)

Get F....d (Get Fortified) Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Whether you want to get fortified because you “just don’t get” fortified wines or whether you want to get fortified wines for your home or restaurant, this is the session for you. Fortified wines are now fair game for the Master Sommelier exam at the master level. These wines have always been on WSET and Master of Wine examinations. Therefore we will review the basic styles of Sherry, Madeira and Port. This review will be the basis for your future tasting practice and also will represent the likely foundation for your desert wine selection in your restaurant. These are also the wines you will be able to find easily on or at your local wine shop. Therefore you will need to taste those wines as homework. The wines you will try at the session will be far less commonplace. These will be an expansion of the basic styles featuring well aged examples in each category. This session is meant to broaden your horizons and will enhance your fortified knowledge.