Cocktail Series: Irish Coffee

A drink that combines coffee and whiskey? Sign us up! We also love an excuse to drink coffee at any point throughout the day. Start off your day with a classic cup and end it with a warm cup that has an extra kick. Or you can start your day with this gem because it also makes the perfect breakfast/brunch beverage. Grab the whipped cream and start brewing! Let us set the scene. It’s the 1940s, and you’re traveling through Foynes airport on a chilly evening. Joe Sheridan crafts a drink to keep you warm before you continue on your journey. Yes, that drink happens to be Irish Coffee. Sheridan was the young chef who presented American travelers with this classic cocktail. As the story goes, one of these travelers asked Sheridan if they were drinking Brazilian coffee. Sheridan responded with “No, that’s Irish coffee”. Stanton Delaplane is the American reporter known for bringing international attention to this creation. Delaplane shared this news with friend and owner of San Francisco’s Buena Vista Cafe, Jack Koeppler. After being offered a position at Buena Vista, Sheridan joined Koeppler in perfecting the beverage and the Irish Coffee grew in popularity. To make this cocktail, you will need freshly brewed coffee, brown sugar, Irish Whiskey , and whipped cream. If you want to get fancy, rinse your glass with hot water to keep your drink warm longer. Combine the coffee, whiskey, and sugar and then top with whipped cream. If you want to get even fancier, add green food coloring to your whipped cream. Enjoy!

Tullamore Dew Co

Irish Whiskey

My go to bottle for around the house. Amazing for the price. — 6 years ago


Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Nose: peat! Smoky, toffee apple, a little saline. Round and spicy like a lighter island malt (Talisker-esque). Unmistakeable honey-caramel PS Irish backbone. Slightly odd pickle note late on the finish but otherwise better than a lot of scotches trying to do what it does.  — 7 years ago

Midleton Distillery

Redbreast 21 year Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Brilliant stuff, first time with this one but a real winner, round full flavour with a little fizz in the mouth — 6 years ago

Midleton Distillery

Yellow Spot 12 Years Aged Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

crazy smooth with deliciously sweet finish — 8 years ago

Ralph Dandrea
with Ralph


Irish Whiskey

Jameson is to whiskey what Dunkin' Donuts is to coffee (and I say both as a Bostonian): others are more elegant or memorable, but it does what you need it to do every time. Always more lightweight than I expect but it doesn't get credit for its balance. Not the greatest, but iconic for a reason. — 7 years ago

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