Yellow Tail (casella Wines)

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)


甘口ワインで飲みやすいです。 — 4 days ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

South Eastern Australia Malbec 2018

Smooth Australian Shiraz. Fruity, ripe berries aromas, vanilla and chocolate hints, a spice touch of clove. Well balance, perfect acidity, medium to full body, sweet tannins with volume and density. — 2 months ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

South Eastern Cabernet Sauvignon

Lots of deep flavor. Great taste for a great price. Could rly only have one or two glasses though. — 4 months ago

Haelee Kim
with Haelee

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Merlot 2017

Great for a $13.00 CAD bottle. Medium bodied, very sweet and fruity. — 7 months ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Cabernet Merlot

So juicy! Great, easy to drink juicy red! — a month ago

Lisa walsh

Lisa walsh

This is on the cards tonight

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)


Was at a bed and breakfast in North Georgia . They served our first evening . Enjoyed and very affordable when I went to buy later.. I buy often it is a sweet almost desert wine. love — 4 months ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Chardonnay 2018

Easy to drink with typical stone fruit and balanced oak. Good quality and consistency for the millions of bottles they make from mainly Riverland fruit. I remember seeing a 4 storey high neon sign in Times Square some years ago and it confirmed to me how the Casella Family had cracked the American market. — 5 months ago

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Peter Lehmann

The Pastor's Son Shiraz 2015

The final wine at the Peter Lehmann dinner at the Downs Club and the whole point of the dinner. Delectable: this new cuvée is called the Masterson and is a Barossa Valley Shiraz. Wine Pricing in Australia has become an arms race and this new Cuvée has set the benchmark at $1650 for a magnum - only available in magnum. This was sourced from a vineyard in the Moppa sub district of the Barossa owned by Glen Hammerling from vines planted in 1992 on original rootstocks, dry grown in deep sandy loam with ironstone over clay. The wine itself is an exercise in restraint. Matured in a large 2500 litre fourdre imparting minimal oak influence. You could happily drink this wine now or cellar for over 30 years. It is so well balanced. A brilliant wine but is it worth $1650? I think the pricing is too ambitious but the owner of Peter Lehmann, John Casella, the owner of export star, Yellow Tail, probably doesn’t care as he continues to make money from his budget line. 1458 magnums created and only 1000 released for purchase. — 19 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Bob McDonald Nice notes, what vintage? Thanks.
Bob McDonald

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@Severn Goodwin Thanks Severn. This is 2015 - the inaugural vintage. The plan is to not necessarily use the same vineyard each year. The strength of the Lehmann business model was Peter’s relationships with the growers who he stood by in good times and bad. In recent times there has been the VSV Line (Very Special Vineyard)

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Shiraz 2017

I’m pretentiously prejudice against mainstream wines but this satisfied for a long hotel night. — 7 months ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Sangria Blanco

Great chilled. Cheap and fruity that isn't to sweet — 7 months ago