Westbury Winery

Mohan Meakin

Old Monk 7 Year Blended Rum

This is again not a wine this is a 7year old very old vatted blended Dark Rum The name of this Product is "Old Monk" its distillers are in Ghaziabad India this Rum is both a large selling brand and a Winner of Gold Medals at the Monde World Selection since 1982

The Distillery was established in 1855 under the name Mohan Meatin Limited and the person responsible for watching over the bottling, blending and distilling was Mohan Meatin Nagar and now most likely Mr. Nagar's Descendents. It's registered office is with the Solan Brewery.

It is imported to the U.S.
By way of Eastern Liquors USA Inc
Which can be found in Westbury Ny 11590

— 10 years ago