Buck Creek Winery

Arbor Red

First had in 2015. Very good. — a year ago

Grape Republic Inc.

Rosso Steuben Blend

Very light super different, almost like fizzy punch....but in a good way — 3 years ago

Fattoria Al Fiore

Piacere! Aomori Steuben Rosé

— 4 years ago

Niagara Landing Wine Cellars

Stearman Steuben

This wine is HOT! The winery spiced it up a notch or 2! Used it in a crock pot recipe with pork chops. Had to finish the rest and it was spicy! — 5 years ago

Fattoria Al Fiore

Hana Steuben Niagara Rosé Blend 2020

Such an interesting wine, unlike anything I’ve ever had. So light but so much flavor. Sweet without being too sweet, almost like a tea or strong saft as we say in sweden. Incredible. — 6 months ago

Banner Elk Winery

High Country Rosé Steuben

Delightfully crisp, watermelon notes — 3 years ago

Deer Creek Winery

Sunset Steuben

Sweet but not overpowering. Very light for a red. — 5 years ago

Grape Republic Inc.

Rosato Delaware Rosé Blend

Loved.. low on brash acid/tannins soft ripe fruits up front ...light beaujo-esq but more décadence on nose lovely full tartness — a year ago

Hitomi Winery

La Vie Pop Rose 2013

Bought in Japan. Drank at Krista & Sams. Lightly carbonated, light & juicy. — 3 years ago