Piera Martellozzo

Taia Piera

Lugana Trebbiano 2018

Aldi ONG what a bargain and what a great wine after drinking Laguna wine in lake Garda last year and not being able to find it at a reasonable price over here this was a great find — 4 years ago


Veneto Prosecco

Can't judge it by itself... But I mixed this with fresh peach purée and it made a fantastic peach Bellini! — 9 years ago


Vino Frizzante Veneto Prosecco

Fantastic, very reasonably priced Prosecco! Very happy with this purchase. Light and a little fruity. — 6 years ago

Piera Martellozzo

Terre Magre Delle Venezie Chardonnay

Really nice, perfect from the land of Friuli - bright intense straw yellow with golden tones. Apple, pears, pineapple, hazelnut and honey (almond?) — 8 years ago

Piera Martellozzo

Paesaggi Cabernet Sauvignon

Ha accompagnato una chianina con dignità — 9 years ago

Piera Martellozzo

075 Carati Extra Dry Prosecco

Typically not a fan of Prosecco unless it is Ultra Brut as in this case...delicious stone fruit, great quality. — 8 years ago

Piera Dolza

Colli di Conegliano Torchiato di Fregona

Frutta secca- miele-spezie dolci al naso
Buona freschezza che invita al sorso
Grande complessità al palato e corrispondenza al naso
— 9 years ago

Piera Martellozzo

Blu Giovello Venezie Moscato

My first sweet. Definitely something I will like. — 10 years ago