Elemental Hard Cider

ACE Cider Company

ACE Pineapple Hard Cider

Tried this while Axe Throwing because they had it on tap and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely want to have again. — 2 months ago

Argus Cidery

Lady Goldsmith Sparkling Hard Cider

Celebrating four years of marriage. Bottled the week of our wedding. Perhaps we have held up better that the cider, but it's tasty. Heavy oak has integrated, sharp edges from a year or two ago have simmered. Nearly uncarbonated, tasty. — 8 years ago

Andie Moody
with Andie
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Original Sin

Premium Hard Cider

Quality cider, crisp, no residual sugary nasty like you often get. Well made to keep the apple flavor but with a wine like quality . Not for people who expect apple juice . A sophisticated beverage . Good with lots of food. — 6 years ago

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Peconic Bay Winery

True Believer Sparkling Hard Apple Cider

Autumn is here. Perfect for post-apple picking! — 7 years ago

Chuck Iwanusa
with Chuck

Seattle Cider Co.

Limited Edition Gin Botanical Hard Cider

Tasty complex cider that's not too sweet. Love it! — 7 years ago


Dry Pear Hard Cider

Tastes very pineapple-y, but not in a fake way. Tastes like they added pineapple juice, very good. Would get again! — 7 years ago

Golden State Cider

Mighty Dry Hard Cider

Crisp, dry, and refreshing. Love it! — 8 years ago