Casal Do Paço Padreiro

Casal do Paço Padreiro

Afrós Tinto Vinho Verde Vinhão 2010

Nice discovery that Vinho Verde makes such lovely red wine! Made with the Vinhao grape and is dark, dark, dark in color. Lovely tart cherry, cranberry, and pomegranate fruits that made my mouth water with delicious acidity. A complete surprise! — 4 years ago

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Casal do Paço Padreiro

Afrós Vinho Verde Loureiro 2009

No worries. Just a couple more months and it'll be here! Afros (i.e. pre-aphros). Why loureiro, you age stupendously!!!! — 5 years ago

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Dorit Handrus

Dorit Handrus

@Rachel Gordon for some reason it did not let me add you earlier, but you @Justin Croxall and @Kevin Simback should taste this tonight too!