California Merlot

Velvety Merlot blend, fruit and mild tannin with smooth finish, at Piattini in Back Bay,, Boston — 2 years ago


California Chardonnay

I love my dry white wines. This is a pleasant surprise a little less subtle. Love it ! — 5 years ago

Cantina della Torre

Albertone Vino Rosso

This red wine is obtained by a natural drying process after harvest. Thanks to this unique process the grapes develop an extremely intense and complex flavor and gives the Albertoni great strength and structure — 4 years ago


California Cabernet Sauvignon

Tastes like a very typical Italian Cab. Reminded us of glasses we'd get when at a typical cafe in Italy! — 4 years ago


Pinot Grigio 2012

Great wine at Ellen's Diner NYC — 7 years ago

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