Zhejiang Pagoda

Li Demei

Skyline of Gobi Reserve 2015

Very surprised that my hometown winery could produce such fine wine. I likes its dark color and berries smell, a bit sweet and low tnnins. it's a great value for everyday drink. — 5 years ago

Zhejiang Pagoda

Recheers Shaoxing Rice Wine

Needs to be drunk with chinese cuisine and at room temperature This is the ideal pairing in my mind to the dazzling flavour complexity of chinese food in one bottle — 9 years ago


Skyline of Gobi Cabernet Franc 2015

Amazing Chinese wine — 5 years ago

Li Demei

Skyline of Gobi Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

tasty. string fruity notes and satisfying finish — 6 years ago

Shaoxing Wine Company

Huadiao Three Years

R32. Delectable, this is Huadiao Shaoxing wine 3 years made by Gu Yue Long Shang Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, China. — 10 years ago

David Sterza

Pagoda Veronese IGT Corvina 2016

Wine to celebrate the new ‘gaff’ — 6 years ago

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Jan de Weerd

Jan de Weerd

Holy smokes. This is your highest rating ever!! What is ‘gaff’?


Xinjiang Merlot 2012

2013/2 @Vinhoo — 10 years ago

Xin Jiang Wusu Breweries Co. Ltd.

Sinkiang Black Beer

Stunning Black beer from China - let's see if this can be identified - I am close to saying this was the best dark beer I ever tasted — 10 years ago