Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Dingač Barrique Plavac Mali 2020

Complex structure, fruity plum, raisin and pomegranate aroma that flows into the taste, with a bit of tobacco in the aftertaste. Pairs well with game and saucy meats. — 2 months ago

Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Plavac Mali 2015

Super tasty. Juicy without being too much for dinner — 2 years ago

Vinarija Dingač

Vinogorje Peljesac Potomje Peljeac Plavac Mali 2012


This is the body is like Pinot. But with Zinfandel flavors. Super juicy. Maraschino cherries. Rich fruity. Salty. Ashy. Lots of coastal influence. For its price it's wonderful. Nice light but plenty of complex notes. — 8 years ago

Vinarija Madirazza

5 BF Garbinada POŠIP 2015

Best Posip so far, will definitely get again. 160 kuna. — 5 years ago

Vinarija Dingač

Potomje Pelješac Plavac Mali 2005

Plavac Mali from the steep slopes of Croatia's Dingač region along the Adriatic. Earthy dark fruits, herbs. Thanks, @storyteller, for sharing this suitcase import-- — 10 years ago

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