Villa Sparina

Villa Sparina

Gavi Cortese

Crisp gavi with lemon, pineapple, quince and lemongrass notes with a faint touch of green apple skin. — 19 days ago

Heather Dillaway
with Heather
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Villa Sparina

Rosé Blend

Mandi Speidel

Rose all day with a nyc bae — 2 years ago

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Villa Sparina

Maioli Dolcetto di Ovada 2007

Picked this Dolcetto di Ovada in Jackson Hole..ready to have my mind blown — 7 years ago

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Villa Sparina

Barbera del Monferrato

Nice Gavi USQ — 3 months ago

Villa Sparina

Brut Gavi Cortese

Very fine bubbles. Starts out lemony and ends with a bit of a bitter lemon rind taste. Tai says it’s lemon curd and creamy. Dry. — a year ago

Damian T

Damian T

Getting more and more coconut notes as we drink more.

Villa Sparina

Rivalta Monferrato Rosso Barbera 2003

This wine could go for another 10yrs. — 8 years ago

Max Gottesfeld

Max Gottesfeld Influencer Badge

Dense, prunes and other dried fruits. Deep flavor and saturating texture. With great minerality. This wine is still young.

Villa Sparina

Monterotondo Gavi Cortese 2016

Excellent glass of wine with vanilla and cream flavors. Much better than any Gavi I have had. — 7 months ago

Villa Sparina

Gavi di Gavi Cortese

Smell is apple cider, melons, little chalk, yellow color, tang and chalky honey with oregano and lavender, the body is wet and lots of melon — 2 years ago

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Villa Sparina

Montej Rosso

Отличное вино, настоятельно рекомендую! Легкое, свежее, с ароматом фруктов и приятным послевкусием. — 7 years ago

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