Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Wow, the OAK. So, I can tell why people are rating this one 88 and below, but I would imagine that most would know that this wine rally still has quite a bit of oaked astringency. After 2 hours of sitting in the decanter, this wine disappeared rather quickly. Next to a 2015 Ty Caton Moon Moutain Cab, this was the 'baby' of the night. And definitely had the nose and palate as well. The nose was dark chocolate, brambly black cherry and almost a 'purple fruit' type of characteristic that was coaxed out after a few hours of sitting and oxidizing. I have one more of these, which won't come out to play until 2021-2022. This wine is horribly locked up, but showed decently. I would rate this one a 91 based on the experience today, but likely will improve quite a bit with a few years in bottle. — 4 years ago

Dan FitzgeraldKeith Fisher
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Los Topos Moonsault

A Mourvèdre with plum and gig notes, semi dry and decent tannins — 4 years ago

Sara Davenport
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Los Topos Diamond Dust Syrah 2013

Ledge Los Topos Syrah; Willow Creek District, Pasa Robles.

Pretty juicy given its stated ABV. Pairing well with some Mexican
— 5 years ago

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Los Topos Garnacha 2013

Incredible garnacha wine from Paso Robles california! Sweet, fruity with red berries! Perfect with a good steak! — 4 years ago

Nina pentti
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Los Topos Shining Wizard Garnacha 2012

Smooth, fruity, amazing wine! — 6 years ago