Henriques & Henriques

20 Years Old Madeira Terrantez

@Delectablewine Delectablewine this is the terrantez. Poor terrantez—very nearly extinct on Madeira, though I hear subsidies are having some success in reviving it. For my palate it’s the golden mean—tremendous character & acidity, just enough sweetness. This is so elegant and quietly powerful. Aromas are on point and palate is beautifully structured with the pleasing rapier finish emblematic of the varietal. Lovely stuff. — 3 months ago

Alsu Shakirova
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Madeira Terrantez 1976

Spicecake, orange marmalade, toffee, and Nocello liquer - What a joy to drink! — 3 years ago

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Pico Wines

Pet Nat Branco Arinto Blend 2015

Яркие, сочные дикая груша, айва, персик, моченое яблоко, минеральный костяк. Потом проявляются ароматы хвои и маракуи, во вкусе чайный гриб. Простое, но крайне гедонистическое вино. — 5 years ago

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Vintage Madeira Verdelho 1850

What a treat. Followed the ‘71 Terrantez— itself excellent. Despite the extra 121 years, the verdelho had brighter acids and shows torrified fruit, salt, caramel, apricot, and just tremendous palate density pulled along neatly by the acids. — 3 months ago

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Vinhos Barbeito

Madeira Terrantez 1795

Very good, but not not the best example. — 2 years ago

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Signature Series António Macanita Terrantez do Pico 2015

Azorerna, wow! Köpte det dyraste som finns för att gå ”all in” vilket betalade av sig. Doftar inte så mycket direkt efter korken dragits ut, men kommer så småningom lite blommigt och med viss havsbris. Medelfyllig. Smakar oljiga oliver, knäck, gula äpplen och ett distinkt supermineraliskt salt avslut. 1413 flaskor totalt! — 4 years ago

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Henriques & Henriques

Terrantez Madeira 1954

Too sweet for Terrantez. — 5 years ago

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Cossart Gordon & Co.

Madeira Terrantez 1975

19. Couldn’t resist returning to this as a consolation, now that we have been locked down again. Nose amazingly complex, dominated by toffee. Silken and so rich. Infinitely long. — 7 months ago


Madeira Terrantez 1954

Cork took me a while, that’s why I’m not a Sommelier. Gorgeous honey color, almost amber. Caramel, honey, roasted nuts and dried tropical fruit on the nose. Full body, with high acid and alcohol on the minutes long finish. This is great. — 2 years ago

Frankie Cohen
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Reserva Madeira Terrantez 1971

Madera!!' My favorite... — 5 years ago