Elk Run

Fresh Festival Sangria

Clean sweet and refreshing — a month ago

Lolea Sangria

Edic. N.5 Limit. Rosé Blend

Delicious. Much better than I was expecting. Not too sweet with just a hint of hibiscus and ginger. Fantastic for an impromptu afternoon on the beach. — 2 months ago


Red Sangria

Fruity and delicious — 2 months ago

Tinto de Rulo

Pipeño País 2018

points for a pretty pomegranate and crushed cranberry nose but heads into a sangria-kombucha thing that is very polarizing at this table. we either do that or we don’t. chilled, the low alcohol makes this a daytime hot-weather slaker....if you like that kinda thing. I imagine it wouldn’t be bad as a popsicle, hmmm... — 10 days ago

Jess Paley
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Tormentoso Wines

Paarl Mourvèdre 2014

This is a Syrah-Mourvèdre blend. Lovely lighter color. Like rose hips and rust meet blood. Dusky-dusty aromas. Some ink well as well. Flavors are nice. Smooth and easy. Balance is good. Not as chewy and dense as I like my Syrah, but it’s elegant and citrus-y in a blood oranges and sangria sorta way. Plenty of spice box and tart red berry syrup too. This is a nice wine. One of the better I’ve had from South Africa. Much more reserved than most of them. — a month ago

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Tegan Marriott

Tegan Marriott

Thanks for the review, I saw this @my local shop, now I can pick some up with confidence knowing it's worth it!
Tree Kilpatrick

Tree Kilpatrick

Thanks for reading. Fun to connect with folks here. I’m always looking for detailed reviews to see if it’s actually in my wheelhouse. ☮️

Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery

Virigina Peach

It’s peach and it’s sangria.... not sure there is much else to say. If you like peach and you like sangria you’ll like this. — 2 months ago

Kathryn P
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Château Canon la Foret

Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

With Ben, Meghan and Giuseppe on a cool summer night in which I broke my own wine glass AND Ben's by a nice fire on the patio.

"I really like this!" -Me

"Nutty overtones with deep plum flavor. Oh that's pretty good! That's yummy." - Giuseppe

"Kind of astringent. I also get nutty. (G interjects he was joking about that and doesn't get nutty at all. He gets almost honey and thinks it would make a great sangria) Honeyed on the front, astringent on the end." -Meghan

"Very tanniny and dry." - Ben

"My take is that Meghan and Ben are wrong and I agree, it does taste good." -Giuseppe

"Would buy again" - Meghan
— a month ago

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RuBor Viticultores

Chass! Chasselas 2018

The calm before the storm (move out day!)

Succulent aroma. Big on the apricots in a good way. Wildflower honey. Citrus and the acidity of a good white balsamic. A cornucopia of tropical fruits.

Mangoes. Dry. Reminds me of an unripe, green mango. The type that’s really great for sangria. This, too. This would be a great base for an orange sangria. Would take really well to tropical fruits and strawberries.

I don’t really understand the hate/ indifference in the other reviews. Sure, it’s not a grand slam, but it’s at least a triple, maybe an in-the-park homer.

I like the dry quality and how it plays with the fruitiness. It’s a welcome flirtation.

CAUTION: Extremely drinkable.
— a month ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Moving out of NYC, or just different digs in NYC?
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

Just different digs! Moving from East Village to Battery Park area