Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Roscato Rosso Dolce Provincia di Pavia Red Blend

A bit sweet initially but can be enjoyable after the 1st glass. Top 5 Go To Party Bottle. — 7 months ago

Ecco Domani

Terre Siciliane Merlot 2017

Not bad. I personally prefer the Roscato because it has a hint of sweetness while this wine has more of a tart flavor but nonetheless I wouldn’t mind having this bottle around. I also prefer it chilled over warm — 5 years ago

Gibson Wines

Loose End Roscato

Sweet to eat with food or desert — 6 years ago

Domaine Achard-Vincent

Tradition Clairette de Die

Wonderful flavor in my wife's favorite. Taste usually run towards the Moscato in Moscato and Roscato. Moderate sweetness. — 7 months ago

Castello del Poggio


The “Roscato” a waiter @ Olive Garden introduced us to — 5 years ago

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Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Roscato Sparkling Sweet Red Blend

Love this! Great fizz, really sweet - huge hit when entertaining. — 5 years ago


Smooth Red Blend

Actually - very good - right balance of sweet and bold.., — 4 years ago


Dark Red Blend

This wine is amazing. Very bold yet very soft — 5 years ago


Rosso Dolce

Top of my list. 40% cheaper than roscato and tastes even better — 6 years ago