Moscato d'Asti 2020

Top shelf, floral, rich saturated fizzante, peaches and stone fruits, sweet. — 19 days ago

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Francesco Rinaldi e Figli

Barolo Nebbiolo 1979

The most umami wine I have ever had! A lot of mushroomy and foresty characteristics, with some blackberries in the background! Birth year wine for the win, happy birthday to me! — 3 days ago

Natasha Bray
with Natasha
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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Langhe Nebbiolo

The 2016 is a stunning wine. Razor sharp pepper opening followed by an abundance of delicate red fruits countered by a savory finish that shows Rinaldi’s old school take on Piemonte. Pretty generic description… its beauty is in the balance, refinement and the lingering finish. Color and integration show this might be at its prime today. — 4 months ago

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Francesco Rinaldi e Figli

Cannubbio Barolo Nebbiolo 2012

Francesco Rinaldi & Figli Barolo Cannubi DOCG 2012: Great balance. Great acidity. Moderate tannins. Wonderful bouquet of roses & cherries on the nose. Strawberry, prune, cherry, tobacco & leather on the palate with a graceful, yet enduring finish. Did I mention the amazing scarlet/ruby red color?! This is a superb wine; a classic Barolo from a great winemaker. Really grateful I was able to enjoy this special bottle from our neighbor’s 40th birthday celebration last month. Have a great day! Cheers🍷 — 2 days ago

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Francesco Rinaldi e Figli

Le Brunate Barolo Nebbiolo 2016

Decanted and enjoyed over 2 days. Very nice. TBL — 2 months ago

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Francesco Rinaldi e Figli

Cannubi Barolo Nebbiolo


Came across a little flat even after 2.5 hour decant — 4 months ago

Giuseppe Rinaldi

Tre Tine Barolo Nebbiolo 2011

Can remember getting into wine and dreaming of trying this wine. Well this was our second try and it lived up to my expectations! Just so balanced but powerful. A must for anybody who likes wine — 14 days ago

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Rinaldi Vineyard Zinfandel 2018

15.6% ABV Peppery
Enjoying upon first night in Hermosa, CO north of Durango 10 minutes
— 2 months ago

Giuseppe Rinaldi

Barbera d'Alba 2014

Close to 94. — 4 months ago

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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Brunate - Le Coste Barolo Nebbiolo 2006

Italian menu tonight so wanted a nice Barolo. This Rinaldi hit the spot with its finesse, aromatics & structure showing red fruits, leather, dried tea, rose petal with balsamic notes & tobacco. — 5 months ago

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