Rey Fernando De Castilla

Prado Rey

Reserva Single Vineyard Finca La Mina Tempranillo 2017

Delicious, complex, dark fruits, cherry ,plum , but not overly tannic. Would definitely purchase again! — 12 days ago

Pagos Del Rey

Reserve Diego de Almagro Tempranillo 2014

A volcano right before it’s about to erupt (Tiffany). Cherry with a grapefruit aftertaste. — 3 years ago

Pagos Del Rey

Gran Bajoz Viñas Viejas Tinta de Toro 2018

Intense tones well balanced not too dry — 15 days ago

Alfredo Maestro (Bodegas y Viñedos Maestro Tejero)

El Rey del Glam Maceracion Carbonica Garnacha

Had with steak and carrots, licorice and nice acidity, good tannins — 5 months ago

Pagos Del Rey

Dehesas Viejas Reserva Ribera del Duero Tempranillo Blend 2015

One of nicest we’ve had in a while. Flavors reminiscent of Argentinian Malbec. Full bodied and rich, but not sweet. Will definitely get again — 4 years ago

Prado Rey

Roble Ribera del Duero Tempranillo Blend 2020

Jen El

Good tannins and quite a bit of acid, along with a rich dark plummy taste. Great value for $15 — 2 months ago

Pagos Del Rey

Bajoz Roble Toro Tempranillo 2019

Really enjoyed this one. Accompanied by an assortment of tapas. Can just taste the vanilla coming through. Lovely finish. — 3 years ago

Pagos Del Rey

Reserva Condado de Oriza Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2014

Smooth tannins, dark chocolate, black cherry — 4 years ago