Mauricio Lorca

Mauricio Lorca

Angel's Selection Mendoza Malbec 2019

I enjoyed this one. Not very oaky taste, very good chilled. I could drink plenty more of it. — a month ago

Mauricio Lorca

Angel's Reserve Mendoza Malbec 2017

Really enjoyed this! Such a nice mix of spice, pepper, dark berries and medium tannins with a musty, earthy flavor mixed in. — 7 months ago

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Mauricio Gonzalez Carreno

Pipeño Secano Interior Yumbel País 2018


Into this - inexpensive everyday bottle. Weird smell tho (could be my bottle) almost.. latexy? Blackberries, liquorice, very slight smokiness and minerality — 22 days ago

Mauricio Lorca

Angel's Selection Mendoza Torrontés 2019

10/10 - best cheap Malbec - substitute for Merlot - red meats, mushroom, heavy savoury dishes ideal. — 7 months ago

Mauricio Lorca

Esoterica Mendoza Cabernet Franc

One of my favourite wines, I’ve been buying up all of the bottles that Majestic have! It’s earthy and chocolatey and herby. I cannot get enough. There isn’t a food it doesn’t go with. The best. Ever. — a year ago

Dan Hoare
with Dan

Juguette (Ben Caldwell and Mauricio Ruiz)

Somos Aglianico

Felt like a full bodied cab I’d drink with Tommy — 2 months ago

Mauricio Lorca

Mendoza Malbec 2020

Perfect balance for me — 4 months ago

Mauricio Lorca

Lírico Mendoza Petit Verdot 2019

So smooth and easy to drink. Tastes like fruity, juicy blackberries. Absolutely no acidity. I adore this wine! Lovely! — 10 months ago

Mauricio Lorca

Opalo Malbec 2017

That steak hit diffeeent — a year ago