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La Garagista

Lupo in Bocca Rosé Blend 2019

Unusually perplexing, but immensely enjoyable Vermont rose! Tastes more like a cider/amber wine hybridization then it's namesake. Tangy stone fruits, some mellow vermouth notes, a welcom bitters in the back end. Voluptuous wine! — 25 days ago

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Grace & Favour Pétillant Naturel White Blend

Serious wine; dry as a bleached bone. 👍🏻 — 4 months ago

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Ron R

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Vermont, huh?
Tony Bubbles

Tony Bubbles

Yep; that’s what got my attention @Ron R

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Vergennes-Rouge Marquette

Powerful, smoky, delicious — 4 years ago

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Harlots & Ruffians White Blend 2019

A beautiful, delicious enigma. Wow. — 20 days ago

La Garagista

Damejeanne Vermont rouge 2018

Another super interesting wine by Deirdre Heikin. This blend is 90% Marquette and 10% La Crescent. Two northern american grape variety and the wine shows that non vitis vinifera varieties can make very good wine. The nose is a bit foxy at first, and the taste is then very interesting, good acidity level, slightly sour, notes of herbs and berries but still very round. This profiles definitely reminds me of alpine wines such as Mondeuse or even l’Etraire de la Dui, although these are vitis vinifera.

Sign of a real good wine: this bottle only got better on day 2 and 3...

Great job by pionneer La Garagista!
— 3 months ago

La Garagista

Cybele Sparkling Blend 2013

24 April 2017. The Ten Bells, New York, NY. — 3 years ago

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Loup d'Or White Blend

The most aromatic white wine I have ever had the pleasure to taste. Crisp & a little dirty. It’s perfect! — 3 months ago

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Loups-Garoux Rouge Red Blend 2017

V2017. Ruby color. Smells of blackcurrant, cranberries, and raisins. Also black pepper and leather. Medium body, with medium/high acidity upfront, and a smooth finish. Look forward to drinking again. — 5 months ago

Sadye Silva
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La Garagista

Ci Confonde Pétillant Naturel Sparkling Blend 2015

Easing back into the New World after a long & epic weekend of Burgundy — 4 years ago