Dubrovacki Podrumi

Iloćki Podrumi

Traminac 2017

Given to us by airbnb host in Split. Partaken at royal wedding in England — 5 years ago

Dubrovacki podrumi

Crljenak Zinfandel 2012

Matt Austin

Raisiny zin fruit, coarse rustic bitter tannins. Medium bodied, reasonable 13.5% alc. and decidedly old world in feel. This is pretty much how I would have expected zin from Croatia to taste. — 8 years ago

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Tyler Zimmer

Tyler Zimmer

Very cool

Podrumi Andrija


Beth B

Very good! Med-full-bodied white, good acidity, ripe fruit. Riesling-esque. — 9 years ago


Primavera Cuveé Podrumi Vukoje 2015

Super vino — 5 years ago

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Iloćki Podrumi

Izborna Berba Princpovac Traminec 2011

A brilliant golden colour, great bouquet — 7 years ago

Dubrovacki podrumi

Dubrovačka Zinfandel 2012

Smells of deeply prunes and porty. Velvety smooth red apple golden raisin and full. Sourish finish — 9 years ago

Carsko Vino

Probrana Berba Grand Cru Podrumi Vukoje Žilavka Bena 2013

Dan Murphy

Northern Rhône all day — 5 years ago

Iloćki Podrumi

Kapistran Crni Blaufränkisch Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Kapistran crni red 2012 blackcurrant and quite coal-like. Strong. — 9 years ago

Iloćki Podrumi

Rajnski Rizling White Blend 2013

Our first Croatian wine, sitting down to a wine and cheese dinner in Rudvika! — 10 years ago