Château Castet

Château Simone

Palette Red Rhone Blend

Iconic Provence producer. Blend of multiple varieties (Grenache 45%, Mourvèdre 30%, Cinsaut 5% and other red and white varieties such as Syrah, Castet, Carignan, Manosquin and Muscat) from old vineyards in Montaiguet, south of Aix en Provence. Fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged in oak. Elegant, complex nose with aromas of dark fruit, cherries and minerals. Hints of mint. Medium to full bodied, smooth tannins. Impressive — a year ago

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Château Simone

Palette Grand Cru de Provence Grenache Rosé Blend 2018

Nose has summer roses, cut cherries, mashed raspberry, stainless steel, minor flint, blood orange peel and dried rose; additional development with each swirl & sniff.

Palate has dried raspberry, dried orange peel, warm green herbs, dehydrated peach, mild tannins (wow), lengthy finish with minor dehydrated tart cherry. Such an experience with a barrel aged rosé!

Future bottles on 2018 should be held until 2026+

Grenache 45% / Mourvèdre 30% / Cinsaut 5% / 20% Field Blend including Syrah, Castet, Manosquin, Carignan & various Muscatel

Bottle No. 057148 | Lot 0603
Decanted 4h. I will endeavour to follow the development of this bottle over the coming days.

24 Hour Update: Fresh raspberry most prominent today on the nose. Palate is showing raspberry jam with minor leather notes.

48 Hour Update: Fresh & dried raspberry, fresh rose, bowl of fresh cherries, moist cedar plank and dry sandstone on the nose. Palate is showing dried strawberry, dried raspberry, minor green herbs, dried orange peel and minor dried cherry. This bottle looks to finally unknitting towards its greater self.

72 Hour Update: See 48 Hour notes, plateaued to a good spot still. Enough wine left for one more update.

192 Hour Update: Nose has cranberry jelly, ripe raspberry, warmed cherries, fresh cranberry and dried orange peel. Palate has raspberry juice, freshly juiced cherry, cranberry juice cut with water, dried orange and minor dried herbs. Still doing great, on day eight. Final update.
— 4 years ago

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Jan A

Jan A

Nice color


Do you leave it in the fridge overnight or out?
Severn Goodwin

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@Michael It stays in the wine cooler, then makes an appearance to be poured, then we allow it to warm in the glass. I'm going to try to stretch it about 3 days.

Domaine Alain Labourdette

Clos Castet Jurancon 2012

Vinho licoroso da região de Jurançon e que acompanhou belamente a finalização de um jantar, sendo servido com cheese cake de amora. Presente do primo francês Boris.

Vitória/ES, 04.09.2014
— 10 years ago