Celler Jordi Llorens

Celler Jordi Llorens

Blankeforti Garnatxa Negra Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah

Bell pepper and nuts. Smooth chilled cab sauv blend (I think). — 8 months ago

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

Josephshöfer Spätlese Mosel Riesling 2008

Home with Jordi
Dulce pero con una acidez alta, va muy bien con quesos salinos
Sweet but with high acidity. Perfect pearing with salty cheeses
— 3 years ago

Celler Jordi Llorens

Sisi Macabeu

Started it all — 3 months ago

Jordi Miro

Ennak Terra Alta Tempranillo Blend

This Tempranillo blended with Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet is what you want if great quality to price ratio cuvées are what you’re liking for. Lots of black berries and tart cherry flavors are quite pleasing. There is some tannin toward the end. But I don’t think Ennak is likely to improve with age. That’s just fine, because this crowd pleaser of a wine is good as is. It could handle anything spicy, fatty or salty with aplomb. — a year ago

Jordi Miro

Ennak Crianza Syrah Blend 2018

Chocolate and hint of spice. Medium bodied but bigger than the other red tonight. Very good with tapas at Nai (NYC). Very smooth with medium-length finish. — 7 months ago

Elissa Baker
with Elissa


Cantos del Diablo Méntrida Grenache 2009

Great american chih
Luis s
— 2 years ago

Celler Jordi Llorens

Brutal Ment Penedés Red Blend 2007

Fantastic field blend. Light, with fruit forward, and a hint of minerality. Highly drinkable — 3 years ago