Cantina Del Pino

Michele Chiarlo

Il Principe Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

Special night with Pino and Sarah at — 21 hours ago

Cantina del Pino

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2017

These are like good potato chips, you can’t eat just one. Open, no decant and disappears. TBL — 2 months ago

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El Pino Club

Sea Floored Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2018

A very nice Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills.

Medium bodied with medium acidity.

Showing red fruits with earth, vegetables, spices, herbs, coffee and black pepper.

Tangy and interesting. Green and a little bitter. A good quality wine, though.

Very fruity right out of the bottle, and gets earthier as it opens up (90 minutes).

Will continue to age nicely in the next 5 to 7 years.

Aged in French oak barrels for 15 months.

13.9% alcohol by volume.

90 points.

— 4 months ago

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Cantina del Pino

Ovello Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2014

Pretty florals with light fruits, slightly brown tinged edges and still enough acid to carry to the finish. TBL — a month ago

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Cantina del Pino

Barbera d'Asti 2019

Somewhat sour and honestly has a lot of grapefruit notes. But it has a good structure to it. Needs a few minutes to open up — 3 months ago

Sean Thackrey

Andromeda Devil's Gulch Ranch Pinot Noir 2016

Hard to pin this down, very Thackrey in that regard. No new oak, rustic and earthy on the nose, with some minerality, subsided black and red fruit, a touch of mushrooms, herbs and also funk, which all together makes you think of stem inclusion and low SO2, all coming out in a pleasant way. All in balance except perhaps a touch too much alcohol at 13.8. Very interesting experience, a complex and intellectual wine because I keep thinking about it and changing my mind as I sip, though not an elegant one. Tasting blind I’d be totally puzzled but would probably not call it California Pinot — 4 months ago

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Ca' Erto

Amarone della Valpolicella Corvina Blend


Same as previous. Wine for Pino! 6/12/22 BD Grad celebration with Cindy/David Et Al. — 24 days ago

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Pino Pino

Provincia di Pavia Pinot Noir 2019

Nice Pinot with a bit of pepper spice. Had it on Easter. Gift from Carmen — 3 months ago


Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio

For 3 dollars, this is easy and drinkable. Not super sweet like I would expect from a cheap pino grigio. Not a lot of flavor in general, but refreshing when it is really chilled on a hot day. — 4 months ago

Alvi's Drift

Pinotage 2019

Victoria Manor Cradock R80... Delicate Pino drink vrek lekker, probably die beste bottle Wyn onder R100 op die planeet — 5 months ago