A-peel-ing Ciders and Incredib-Ale Beers for the Fall

Happy Fall! The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting cooler, and pumpkin/apple/maple snacks can be found anywhere you look. While hard cider is often enjoyed by many year round, it takes center stage as the leaves begin to turn. Hard cider has a reputation of being a "sweet" beverage, cast aside as simple and low-quality. However in recent years, cider has seen a bit of a renaissance. People now understand the wide spectrum of flavors and sugar levels available, and also of the various techniques, both traditional and modern, used to create this delicious drink. Hard cider demands that cidermakers care for their apple trees as thoroughly as winemakers care for their vines, with changes in weather patterns and pests as major concerns. Many cidermakers work closely with local apple producers where there is a mutual benefit for each. Considering apples used in cider do not need to look beautiful, only taste good, cidermakers are able to take the less beautiful, damaged apples that might otherwise be thrown out and can instead turn them into cider. Ciders have been taken to such a level that you don’t need a reason to enjoy one, and have the added benefit of being gluten-free, unlike most beers. The fruitiness of ciders makes them versatile pairing partners for a wide range of dishes and flavors. Cider pairs especially well with savory meats and cheese, as well as fruity and sweet desserts. For our Delectable users who prefer beer over cider, no worries! You can still drink on theme with all the pumpkin ales and stouts available. Choose your fighter (er, cider?) and enjoy!

Merchant's Daughter

Dry Premium Hard Cider

Hard cider is popular in upstate NY, but it's often way too dry and bitter. This is one of the best I've tried so far - great balance of fresh fruit, acid and dryness. Sophisticated without sacrificing flavor. — a year ago

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Lagunitas Brewing Company

Sonomica Sour Farmhouse Ale 2020

Sour with a hint of cool, red wine at the end. This cider was aged in wine barrels. So good! — a year ago

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Very nice! 🍎


Pumpkin Beer

Very nice pumpkin 🎃 🍺. Spicey yet comforting to drink.

•5.5% ABV• November 13, 2020☀️
— 2 years ago

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Love the color, it looks so good!


@Danielle It was nice!

Buddy Buddy Wine

Filigreen Apple Cider

Nose is perfume. Light flowers, a hint of rose, with some greenery, apples in the background. Palate is nice. Very light with more flowers, green apple, a hint of lemon zest. It’s nice but too many other better ciders out currently. — a year ago

The Bruery

Black Tuesday Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Dark roasted barley. Bourbon. Toffee. Char. Perfectly balanced beast. Might actually grow real hairs on your chest. My wife smelled it and backed away as if it were smoldering. At 19+ % it only tastes 12% and the bourbon barrel isn’t too much. It’s great stout. Collectible. Fun now, but really needs 5-7yr to calm down. — 2 years ago

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Greenwood Cider Co

Dry Apple Cider

Moderate carbonation, little to no head on pour, medium sized bubbles. Golden brown in color. Perfumed apple profile in aroma. 7.8% ABV. Almost dry, somewhat astringent, slightly bitter, fruity finish, tasty while not sweet. High alcohol and dryness work well together, good acidity but not all that malic in character. Not a session cider but well made. Label claims flavor profile of apple peel (yes), lime (undertone of it) and fresh straw (also yes). Creative but unidentified mix of dessert apple and rare and scavenged varieties. — 2 years ago

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Rogue Farms

Pumpkin Patch Ale

Cola brown with limited hairdo. Disembodied flying bubble-eye pops to galactic swirl and water Buffalo horns in a crescent then ghost trail. Gingerbread cupcake intro sports chunks of candied ginger and a ginseng twang surfing a graham cracker and date aspect. Nice bitter cinnamon bite to start the palate. Allspice and saffron bring their bitter sweets turning trick to treat and brown sugar mixes it up with spiced tea to bring it all home. Pumpkin is very prominent here, to appease the complainers, which is nice! Stop the bellyaching! .
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— a year ago

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Bardos Cider

Mestizo Winter Walker Dry Cider

Excellent cider. Tart, briny, easily drinkable. Pairs great with spicy food. — a year ago

Rose Hill Farm

Pearly Dewdrops Fruit Cider

Very fruity with slight acidity and fermentation notes, refreshing. — 2 years ago

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