Wayward Wine Co

Kivel Stadt Cellars

Wayward Son Bonfiglio Vineyward White Blend

Tannic white. Pleasant and gorgeously colored, but not as wild as some other skin contact wines I’ve had. — 6 days ago

Kivelstadt Cellars

Wayward Son "Orange" Wine Sierra Foothills Marsanne Blend 2017

Doesnt taste like oranges, only looks like oranges — 2 years ago

Liz O'Neal
with Liz

Laurent Saillard

Lucky You! Sauvignon

Keeps getting better each year... from Wayward Wines in Chapel Allerton Leeds; can’t believe I can now get this kind of stuff near my childhood home 😳 — 3 years ago

Which way is Up?

Pinot Gris 2018

Wayward Moose — 2 years ago

Anders Frederik Steen

Il Va, Ça Va Je Vais, Je Sais Carignan Blend Rosé

Carignan, my wayward son. This is PERFECT — 3 years ago

Jamie AndersonHeather TrawickAmy Pelletier Beck
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Wayward Brewing Company

Camperdown 1 Pale Ale

Wayward Brewing Camperdown Pale Ale. Pine, hops, and good level of bitter. Nice offering. — 4 years ago

Timothy Schmidt
with Timothy
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Wayward Child

Serendip Shiraz 2019

One of the more crazy wines I have had. A Shiraz/Pinot blend. Never had that blend before nor ever heard about it. And it had a split personality indeed. Yet balanced. Very peppery all the way through carried by a vibrant dark red cherry. Fun! — 9 months ago

Tammy de Weerd
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Wayward Distillation House

Unruly Gin

No it’s actually the Gin. Santa Vale a few days early this year. Happy holidays! — 3 years ago

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Robin Hicks

Robin Hicks

Whoops, Santa CAME a few days early.
Robin Hicks

Robin Hicks

And that’s not what’s in the glass, in case you were wondering.