Henry De Champvigny

Henry Fuchs

Pinot Blanc - Auxerrois 2018

Concentrated and bold. Almost overpowering. Better the second day- a bit calmer. Overall and impressive wine but needs bold food pairing. — 8 days ago

Vicki Sliwa
with Vicki

Henry of Pelham Family Estate

Special Select Late Harvest Ontario Vidal 2014

Sweet! But not overpowering sweetness, 2014 — 8 days ago

Henry of Pelham Family Estate

Dry Riesling 2003

Stony and lemon aroma, stewed apple, oil and citrus on the palate. Very faint lingering finish but it’s an older wine so I’m not too surprised. Shared at a beautiful dinner with the parents. — a month ago

Ellen Chang-Richardson
with Ellen

Domaine Henry Pellé

Menetou-Salon Morogues Pinot Noir Rosé 2018

David T

First, I’d like to thank @Severn Goodwin for this excellent example of Rosé in our bottle exchange.

The nose shows leaner, candied & floral fruits of; strawberries, watermelon, black cherries, raspberries, candied rhubarb, amazing powdery chalkiness, fine white to grey volcanics, sea spray with candied pink florals.

The palate is; round, lush, juicy and smartly balanced. Classic French Rosé. Ripe with high viscosity. Candied & floral fruits of; strawberries, watermelon, black cherries, raspberries, tangerine, candied rhubarb, amazing powdery chalkiness, white spice w/ a ginger lean, some of the very best fine white to grey volcanics I’ve had, sea spray with candied pink florals. The acidity is a cool, rushing river. The rich, elegant, well polished, lush finishes with excellent minerality that persists equally with lush fruitiness.

Photos of: Domaine Henry Pelle, large neutral oak vats, Henry Pellé & one of their vineyards.
— a month ago

James Christina Champagne
with James and Christina
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Severn Goodwin

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Nice! I'm back from Maine, good to see this, glad you liked it!
David T

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Ah, a little fall color I hope.

Henry of Pelham Family Estate

Old Vines Ontario Baco Noir 2016

Pours inky dark. Big plums and dark berries bouquet. Wow, a big upfront burst of plums, tobacco and chocolate. Then a silky dryness into different layers of cherry, raspberries. Lush and layers of flavors. Then the sweet cherries come in at the end. Layers! — a month ago


Grange South Australia Shiraz 1999

Topping the night off with the pinnacle. A Grange from 1999, made during an era that it was still produced in a regular bottle and a reasonable price. It was a mature version of the Saint Henry we had earlier that evening. Extreme dense in flavor, powerful and strong oak vanilla notes. Dark fruit soaked in cigar box and oh so smooth. 21 years old. Don’t take too much time drinking it and don’t decant it. It peaks in about 30-60 minutes. — 14 days ago

Tammy de Weerd
with Tammy
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Maison Henry Bouachon

Les Rabassieres Vieilles Vignes Côtes du Rhône 2017

Great wine! Balanced, fruity, beautiful nose, clean and lively wine with a long luxurious finish. Cant wait to have it again!! — 11 days ago

Henry Fuchs

Alsace Pinot Gris 2017

Dense, palate-coating, slightly waxy. Tremendous fruit concentration in 2017 with perhaps 3 or 4 grams sugar for added weight. — a month ago

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Domaine Henry Pellé

Le Carroir Menetou Salon Morogues Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Dad likes ok; little too lemony for Mom. — 25 days ago


Henry Brothers Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

Best cab I’ve had all year. This smells very fruity and acidic but is incredibly smooth and subtle on the palette with a full bodied finish. — a month ago