Cantine La Marca

La Marca

Veneto Sparkling Prosecco

Sparkling, light, and slightly sweet. Notes of pear and a hint of citrus. Really good! — 3 days ago

Kyle Eubank
with Kyle

La Marca

Spakling Prosecco

Great for making mimosa!! — 3 months ago


Marca Oro Extra Dry Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

Delicious prosecco. Great value. Wine & cheese cask. $9.99 — 6 months ago

La Marca

Spakling Prosecco Rosé

Sweet, fruity, fun — 14 days ago

Antica Marca

Borgobruno Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2013

Trader Joe's, $30

My first Brunello. Color was a rich ruby with an unusual brownish tint. Incredible tannic/acid balance, the perfect mouthfeel. On the drier side but nice red fruits kept it balanced. Initial slightly overpowering compost on the nose and taste, but mellowed after breathing into a nice interesting earthy background. A nice treat for the new year, ultimately I think it's worthy of the price, it offered some new complexities and refinement compared to my usual ~$10 bottles
— 4 months ago


Marca Trevigiana Frizzante Glera 2019

Any fuckin goddamn time. — 3 months ago

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La Marca


This is nice. Kind of a lightly sweat pear flavour. Nice and effervescent. The funk is very minor. — 5 months ago

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La Marca

Libretto Veneto Prosecco

Perfect Prosecco for our first married normal night dinner — 7 months ago