Sabbioneta, Mantovano

Fondo Bozzole

Giano Lambrusco Mantovano

Dark red Lambrusco, very grapey and sweet without overwhelming. — 4 months ago

Kate Merna

Kate Merna

Got from Rebel Rebel


Roses Roses Rosato Alto Mincio Corvina Blend

Bay Grape August pick. Very nice mineral rose. — 3 years ago

Cantina Reale

Mantopass Passito Bianco Sauvignon Blanc

Mi favorito el passito blanco me encanta disfrutarlo en buena compañia con los postres, un mousse de lucuma con chocolate y un pecanroll excelente! — 4 years ago

Fondo Bozzole

Incantabiss Lambrusco Montovano

Yes. Not tacky sweet, balanced, perfect bubb — 5 months ago

Fondo Bozzole

Cocai Spumante Rosato Lambrusco Ruberti

Juicy dark rose, light Lambrusco. Red sauce Italian food just right. Mmmmmmm. — a year ago

Molo 8

Lambrusco Mantovano

Stone fruit notes, slightly dry, effervescent. — 3 years ago

Fondo Bozzole

Foxi Provincia di Mantova Trebbiano 2018

You can see the soft sparkles, the day 1 is like Champagne’s day 2 - great for sharp bubble wincers. It has a rich and creamy lemon apple bready thing. Let sit for an extra day and you get an equally fun flat/still. — 7 months ago

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Vinicola Negri

Camicia Rossa Mantovano Lambrusco

Chilled sparkling red — 3 years ago

Claire Mikolayczyk
with Claire