Railsback Freres Winery

Caves Ropiteau Freres

Les Plants Nobles Pinot Noir 2019

Great Pinot Noir! Will buy again! — 9 days ago

Caves Ropiteau Freres

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2019

Light body, chocolate & berries. A lovely drinkable Pinot Noir. Though young. Great for the price. — a month ago

Railsback Freres Winery

Les Rascasses Santa Ynez Valley Rosé Blend

Creamy , candied strawberry. Nice porch vibes. — 4 months ago

les Freres Bastards

Grenache Blend Rosé

Silky and complex, first leaf July year of our dumpster fire 2020. — 3 months ago

Beaufort Freres

Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature Pinot Noir 2016

Rest. Al Marge. 30,00.
— 3 months ago

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Caves Ropiteau Freres

Genevriéres Meursault 1er Cru Chardonnay 2015

Under the radar producer that makes wines that are so approachable right out the gate. Graphite, apple core and flint on the nose. Acid and fruit are well balanced throughout the entire palate. Has a finish that goes on for 45sec. — 5 months ago

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Mike R

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Oh my god good

Domaine Nico

Soeur et Freres Grand Mere Pinot Noir 2017


Hangs around for a bit. Lots and lots of cherry but baking spices also kick in. Digging this wine. — a month ago

with Jeni
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Dom Malerba

Dom Malerba

Save a bottle for me buddy! I’m coming to see you soon!!


I have several for you my friend @Dom Malerba!!

Beaux Frères

Sequitur Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir

My husband and I ate mushroom ravioli with a rich mushroom sauce and roasted carrots. I added rosemary and lemon salt to the carrots and to the ravioli water to bring out the rosemary. The flavors melded well with this wine. I am so glad I chose this bottle for those nuances. Here’s to the delicate Pinot noir and Beaux Freres! — 2 months ago

les Freres Bastards

Made En France pardon my french Grenache Blend 2018

A nice red, useful fur baby things, especially at this price. — 5 months ago