Nostalgia Wines


Sonoma County Pinot Noir 1974


Astonishing that this very old wine is drinking just great! The ‘74 Cab from Souverain was my very first early favorite way back then. Got this single sample and figured must be vinegar by now but be good for nostalgia for the long gone vineyard. Instead this is a delightful shock! Labels look great. Cork has top layer of crap but in good shape though the very bottom broke off. Wine has nice garnet color with little hint of its age. Still lively, well balanced and tasty even if not super complex. Nose is just straight out attractive with very ripe dark red fruits as background for the foreground earth and field and hay. No way I’d have guessed 46 year old Sonoma Pinot! Kept sniffing and satisfied even before tasting. Palate is light and lean but still lively and texture is firm and acidic carrying over to good finish. Like an aged but still athletic and elegant ballerina showing off. What a pleasant and memorable shock in these crazy times! Lot of 4 oldies from 70s, Sutter Home Zinfandels (2) Montevino and primarily for these but this Pinot already made it worthwhile for AA20. Adding two to 9.3 for the age! Back label says ‘74 was great vintage and wine ready to drink but will still be good in 3-4 years with proper storage. Ha! Day two still standing strong in Eto and dancing with delight. Enough for one last glass in day or two. Day three drank without food before dinner. Kept sniffing and sniffing. Elegant and complex nose with notes of sour plum and very ripe dark fruits. Only possible in such well aged vino! Memorable. Too bad only bottle. — 19 days ago

Erymanthos Winery

Antonopoulos Dry Moschofilero 2018

Date night prevails once again!

Bae loves this wine. It’s got that nostalgia factor for both of us. I tracked it down and picked up two bottles. We’ll have to get a case when we move in to our new place in a August!

Light flowery bouquet like a sakura. Aromatics of lemon peel and bee pollen.

Bae likes it just as much as before. I think since last having this mosch, I’ve had so much wine ha, and actually believe I’ve grown into liking Guwerztraminer, Rieslings, and Chenin Blancs more and so have a wider palate and reference point. It’s still great, just some of that aha! factor has dwindled.

Love the balance of sweetness, ripe mango, lychees, and medium acidity. Missing the bubbles, though.
— 3 months ago

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Far Yeast Brewing Company

Kagua Saison

Crisp, a frozen blade of grass.

Citrus and peach undertones make a liquid magic I would drink if summers were endless.

This one holds nostalgia of a simpler time for me, so maybe I’m a bit biased, but it’s just so good. Plus saisons are my favorite beers with a unique history.
— 9 months ago

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Oliver Twist Estate Winery

Chantilly Lace Nostalgia White Blend

Sipped with friends (K & D) and loved it!!! Nice bubbly with not too much fizz. Definitely buy again! — 2 months ago

Roland Lavantureux

Chablis Chardonnay 2017

Austin: It arrives mid bubble on the tongue. - Alex: like massage balls for my nostalgia. I can smell my friends but I can’t see them. - Austin: I’m caught peeping at the maiden amidst her chores and sheepishly avert my eyes. - Alex: I do like pińa coladas and getting caught in the rain, thank you. - Austin: left with no shame only a sweet blush — 2 months ago

Gabriel CabezasRob Moose
with Gabriel and Rob

St. Supéry Estate Vineyards

Élu Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2014

This is great (but I am adding a point for nostalgia). I first tasted Elu on my 20th anniversary (which was many years ago). My wife and I were in an elegant restaurant and, after telling the waiter the occasion - which astonished him since we were in Los Angeles at the time, where very few marriages last that long - he said, “Try the Elu, it’s INSANE!” Tasting cassis, blueberries, plums, chocolate, and a bit of coffee. Lovely wine and lovely memories! — 7 months ago


Barrel Fermented California Chardonnay 2019

Allie likes the pink wine, but no pink moscato💔 the lAbel looks like the old old navy logo (brings up score for nostalgia ) — 2 months ago

Domaine des Orchis (Philippe Héritier)

Quintessence d'Altesse Roussette de Savoie 2018

Lyle Fass

Huge nose. Huge aromas. Green apple, spice, white alpine fields of flowers. Also fresh tilled dirt. Like the freshest. Huge earnest and vocal aromatic minerality reminds me of Chenin Muscadet. Like Coteaux de Loir or Jasnieres. So layered and complex. Really just ethereal and so distinct. This is one of the longest aging Altesse out there. Wow, so elegant and pure with just searing mineral force. Juicy and so balanced with unreal acidity and depth. This is not for everyone in that it has a severity/austerity not meant for every drinker but all my geeks will adore this. So luscious. It’s the liquid equivalent of a long, meandering Tarkovsky film like Stalker or Nostalgia. Love it. — 2 months ago

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Clos Pegase

Estate Bottled Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

High acidity notes on the nose. No nostalgia of Napa on first smell. However, smooth, silky and jammy on the tongue. Perfect precursor to a perfect night in south beach with the most perfect gift from above “”My Rib” night. I’m so blessed. — 8 months ago

Taiwan Beer

Gold Medal Lager Beer 1919

enjoyment is more emotional - nostalgia. — 10 months ago

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