Les Grand Crus De L'ouest

Domaine Moreau-Naudet

"Valmur" Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2014

Alex Lallos

Always a winner and in a vintage like 2014 it is really bright and fresh. I could drink this every day. Definitely a big step up from the 1er crus in terms of texture and complexity — 20 days ago

Lee Lightfoot
with Lee
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Domaine William Fèvre

Vaulorent Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay 2014

Outstanding as usual. Best grand cru of the premier crus. — a month ago

Domaine Confuron-Cotetidot

Les Suchots Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2009

Consistent notes from 21 weeks ago. My last bottle still with the crinkled label from a humidity issue from the wine fridge. Showing sweet sappy red fruits like strawberry with Sous Bois. With further swirling Violet notes. A wonderful 1er Cru Burgundy showing the twin attributes of the 2009 vintage and the terroir of Les Suchots which shares a border to the south with Romanee Saint Vivant and Richebourg and to the north with Clos Saint Denis - all Grand Crus. Finishes with the finest of powdery tannins - basically resolved. — 2 months ago

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Vincent Dauvissat

Les Preuses Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2007

Robe claire
Nez anis miel coquille d huître buis
Bouche miellée ample l anis et la coquille d huître sont là
Manque en finale la profondeur d un grand crus mais belle bouteille
— 4 months ago

Pico LatorEl Vibro
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Domaine Laroche

Les Blanchots Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2014

Some slight oak traces and lemon on the palate. A wine with some reduction but also that is delicious with good concentration , minerality and nice balance overall. Lacks depth and finesse of the best Grands Crus but still a good bottle. 90-91

Nez qui a encore une touche boisée et des notes citronnées. Un vin avec une touche de réduction mais qui est délicieux, belle concentration, minéral avec une certaine richesse, assez en équilibre, n’a pas la classe et l’élégance des grands mais c’est très bon. 90-91
— 24 days ago

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Domaine Rapet Père et Fils

Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru Chardonnay 2015

Aromatics have a lot of lemon, some white fruit but also still a clear oaky feel to it. The wine is powerful, full bodied, good acidity, nice richness and the balance is good but there is a slight alcohol dominance on the finish. Nice bottle but not great. And not the most expensive Grand Cru but I will take many Premiers crus before that, shows there are no short cuts in Burgundy.

Nez assez aromatique de fruits blancs, du citron et encore pas mal boisé. C’est puissant en bouche, beaucoup de tout, fruit, acidité, richesse mais l’équilibre est précaire avec une finale un peu alcooleuse et chaude. Bien mais pas un niveau de GC.
— 2 months ago

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Hanibal Premium Badge

Ouf d'habitude c'est bon cette cuvée...à attendre peut-être ?
Mario Vaillancourt

Mario Vaillancourt Premium Badge

@Hanibal pas mauvais, finale chaude qui gachait un peu l’ensemble, mais effectivement c’est souvent bon, j’ai préféré le 2014 pas mal, j’en ai deux autres que je vais attendre!

Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin

Blanchot Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2014

David T

@Delectable this is 2014 Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin, “Blanchot”

The nose reveals; candle wax, lemons, green apple, overripe pineapple, kiwi, lime pulp, pear, white peach, apricots, peach, topical melons, beeswax, honeysuckle, vanillin, creamy butter, fresh herbs, caramel, subtle chalkiness, sea fossils, limestone, grey volcanics, the lemon in Lemon Pledge, green grass, dry straw, glazed, brown butter, with fruit blossoms, yellow lilies, jasmine & spring flowers.

The palate is; rich, lush, round, waxy and elegantly smooth. Excellent viscosity. Glorious as it slips over the beautiful mouthfeel. Sour lemons, green apple, overripe pineapple, kiwi, lime pulp & candy, pear, white peach, apricots, peach, guava, topical melons, beeswax, candle wax, honeysuckle, vanillin, creamy butter, fresh herbs, caramel, subtle chalkiness, sea fossils, saline, limestone, grey volcanics, the lemon in Lemon Pledge, green grass, dry straw, glazed, brown butter with fruit blossoms, yellow lilies, jasmine & spring flowers. The acidity is; round, phat & lively. The finish is; polish, rich, lush, balance fruit & earth and has no hiccups. Great wire to wire.

Photos of; one of their Vineyards, Benoît Droin tasting through his wines & Domaine Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin,

Producer notes; The Droins have been producing wines in Chablis for nearly 400 years (their history as vignerons goes back at least to 1620). Benoît is the 14th generation guardian.

The Domaine has 13 hectares of vineyards and produces 14 different wines, including Petit Chablis, Chablis, 7 Premiers Crus and 5 Grand Crus. They prune specific to each vineyard. The wines are fermented differently by vineyard.

All their wines are fermented in mature oak. The Blanchots are all fermented and matured in tank. Vaillons, Mont de Milieu and Montée de Tonnerre receive 25 per cent of barrel fermentation and maturation, 35 per cent for Vosgros and Vaudésir, 40 per cent for Montmains and Valmur, peaking at 50 per cent for Fourchaume, Grenouilles and Les Clos. However the age of the oak and the choice of tonnelier may vary according to the cuvée. The maximum new oak is ten per cent in the Grand Crus.
— 4 months ago

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I liked the original version of this note, on my tablet required no scrolling.
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Mario Vaillancourt

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Thank you David, I had the chance to visit this domaine in 2018 and I am a big fan of their wines. It is quite a wonderful visit with Benoit who is very knowledgeable and passionate where one can appreciate the different terroirs and character of each of their wines.

Domaine Heitz-Lochardet

En La Barre Meursault Chardonnay 2017

At the Downs Club Burgundy Dinner - brief notes. Meursault can often be full bodied with its Premier and Grand Crus but this being a Village wine it was on the leaner side. — 4 days ago

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Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe

La Crau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2015

I was really looking forward to one of the leading Grand Crus from CDP, but this bottle unfortunately was slightly oxidized. I could still taste the remnants of what probably is a great wine. Showing a lot of balance. Oh well, need to revisit. — 19 days ago

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Jim Chen

Jim Chen

Maybe in dumb phase? Sometimes an hour plus decant can awaken....
Boris Mathiszik

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I decanted for more than that. Couldn’t turn the wine around. Next time.

Domaine Servin

Montée de Tonnerre Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay 2017

Medium yellow. Meyer lemon, lemon curd, yellow delicious apple, underripe white peach, sea salt, yeasty, briny, stony minerality, and hints of cheese rind. Tart citrus and high tone minerality on the palate. Elevated acidity, 12.5% abv, medium+ finish. Importer’s notes: From the right side of the Serein River, situated right next to the Grand Cru Blanchot. A soft and elegant wine, the Montée de Tonnerre is situated in the same line as the Grand Crus. The notable white clay helps to develop intense fruit and floral aromas. The older vines add the depth and complexity in the mouth. Regarded by many as the best and most consistent Premier Cru in Chablis. Lime-clay soils with Kimmeridgian fossils. Fermentation and maturing in stainless steel tanks. — 3 months ago

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