J.r. Storey


Legacy 1879 Single Vineyard Naoussa Xinomavro 2012

Troba alternativa Montgat. J.R.07.07.20 — 3 months ago

J Storey

Encell Vineyard Pinot Noir

Leather and dry oak boards on the nose. Strawberries and violets on the front. Light tannic structure with just a hint of grapefruit high notes at the end. A very pretty wine! — a year ago

Château Desmirail

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2010

For £40 this is a decent Margaux in a top year that’s drinking great already but will still improve 😉

📍 Chateau Desmirail 2010

🏵 90 points

🍇 60% Cabernet Sauvignon & 40% Merlot

🍷 Opaque deep ruby

👃 Damp soggy earth, squished leaves & rock minerals through dark plum & blackcurrant w/ mocha, red liquorice, herbs & broken pencils

👄 Med body of creamy smooth mocha & liquorice infused dark plum & blackcurrant w/ a slight dry mineral storey backbone

🎯 Med+ dark plump earthy fruits finale w/ a dry stoney mineral mocha liquorice linger
— 2 years ago

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J. R. Storey Winery

Beast California Red Blend 2016

Interesting mix:
65% Petite Sirah, 20% Grenache, 12% Tempranillo, 3% Viognier
Loads of red and black fruit, powerful fruit flavors, light aromatic finish.
— a year ago

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It sounds like a rich glass of wine. Like the squirrel in the drawing. Cheers!
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

Looks like an interesting blend 🍷

Storey Creek

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2012

A great “bold” Pinot from the RVV, hard to best at the $20/25 price point picked up in downtown Healdsburg! — 3 years ago

Robert Storey Cellars

Reserve Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

WTSO $20. Needs a few to open. A little bit dry, great nose, great fruit, and is total velvet on the tongue. — a year ago

Freemark Abbey

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Ok ok.... it’s been a while! Maybe this is a holiday affair! I cheat on France when I’m away, shush, she’ll never know. I’m 40,000 feet/11k in meters high on Virgin Atlantic Wi-fi (this is clearly the future). ‘The Storey’
I bought two within the last two weeks. Bought and opened on recommendation (local wine shop in the village). The looks - label old skool European, 15%+ dark and stormy. I drank both bottles at two diffident occasions and felt the same emotion (bit 80’s I know)...... skiing in Whistler, snowy night with Mrs W. Kids sleeping and a plate of plastic North American cheese. Don’t be angry, I loved it. There are wines to be drunk in winter and there are cold wines. This one at room/blood temperature (27c/80f) with 40mins breathing time and it just floored us. I want to point out this wine is not a quick drink. I bolt red like blueberry/cranberry/black currant juice but it just wouldn’t be rushed. Smooth and I mean smooth. Salty, Carmel and Brandy/almonds....... No other description will describe. It’s just like maple syrup in consistency. It snowed outside but it shon in the glass. Second date: New Year’s Eve, -13 outside. 4 other people I didn’t really know on an impromptu dinner. We ate, drank and talked (I talked rubbish but I’ll never see them again) then it came time for the cheese board. The wine was too cold when we arrived. It was too cold for starter and mains but 3hrs in, opened and primed it was sit you down amazing (again). A NYE to remember. Don’t take it from me, ask the nobodies I’ll never see again. I thought maybe I’d/we’d just had a moment the time before but it’s that good (it really was). Don’t take my word for it, try it alone or with strangers but make sure you drink it slooooooooowly
— 3 years ago

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