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Oszkár Maurer

Fodor Olaszrizling 2021

Second wine from this producer and love it! This reminds me of my first few broc, donkey&goat, and hiyu wines. Made me think about what was possible in wine. By far one of the best orange wines I’ve had. This one is more jasmine tea and flowers everywhere. There’s some raspberry, sea salt, nectarine, more flowers, amazingly fresh and vibrant. God this is good and so drinkable. — 20 days ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm

Ériu Hood River Grenache 2021

Amazing!!! So funny that this is described as hedonistic by hiyu. Just beautiful Grenache fruit. Nose of berries, mushroom, white pepper, but if game kind of like roast duck with a cherry compote. Palate is is just perfectly balanced with bright red fruits, cranberry sauce on peppered turkey, so much earth and herbs as well. Evolves over the first 90 minutes. Guessing it would even more over the night but we’ll probably drink it all by the time we finish cooking dinner. So freaking good. One of the most approachable wines from hiyu. Definitely like a northern Rhône. — 6 months ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm

Columba Columbia Gorge White Arinto Blend 2017


Hiyu Columba 2017. Christmas, but farm funk. Not Rick's go to style, but quality nonetheless. — a year ago

Hiyu Wine Farm

Arco Iris Columbia Gorge Red Blend 2020

This is amazing. Great nose of cherries, sea spray in redwoods, and orange peel. Almost reminds me of an old fashioned without the burning of the nose. Palate is everything I ever want in a wine. Dominated by beautiful light, fresh fruits like strawberry, plum, cherry, then there is a meat quality with the forest notes coming in more during the late palate. Lingering redwood and cherry jolly rancher that keeps me coming back! So good. (Also zero smoke influence) — 4 months ago

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Avellana Red Blend 2020

@delectable this is hiyu avellana red wine blend. Mainly blaifrankish but at least 10 other grapes. Nose is exceptional. Fresh cut grass, berries, olive, dried herbs then goes into palate which is balanced with tapenade, some pepper, berries, plum, earth, eucalyptus, hazel, lingering cedar. Unbelievable with food. Seems to change with each sip. One of my favorites! — 7 months ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm

Aura Columbia Gorge Pinot Gris Pinot Noir 2019

Beautiful wine. It is funky, amazing flowers, wild strawberries, green stems, hay, a tannin structure that is fascinating. It’s almost like a Rhône or northern Italian red mixed with jura. Way better over a few hours of air. — 9 months ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm

Crategus Syrah Blend 2019

Beautiful floral nose, tart red fruit, slightly pétillant, earthy and wild 😜 — 4 months ago

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Oszkár Maurer

Orion Mézes Fehér 2021

New experience and fascinating. This is not funky hipster orange wine at all. This is clean, earl grey tea with forest honey. It’s amazing how much this tastes like a complex tea, but there is also some spiced tangerine. It actually evolves on the palate to baking spices galore, some rosemary, other woodsy notes. I am loving this. What an awesome exploration. I hope I can try other wines from this winery. Reminds me of some of the hiyu blends that are not what we are accustomed to as typical wine. So much more to explore. I wonder if this would age well — 5 months ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm

Espina Hood River County White Blend

Joe Carroll

Delicious and refreshing grape and fruit wine. Probably the best fruit wine I’ve had. — 8 months ago

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Ira Schwartz

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@Joe Carroll they are making some very interesting wines .

Hiyu Wine Farm

Tzum Áine Red Blend 2019

This was so freaking good. I don’t have my notes but on day two it was even better. Light bodied in after like alpine Pinot and maybe something more floral. — a year ago

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