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Olenik Vineyards

Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2012

Andrew Holod

So dark and rich, wouldn't you make the switch?
Impressively, almost uncharacteristically, dark for PN. Nose is all dense, crunchy red fruits, cinnamon, with a whiff of ozone/pool chlorine/dusty mineral. Frankly carnal in texture; fleshy and dense, with tannins so smooth that they belie new world origin.
Could be spectacular (almost auto-corrected to spextacular!) with the right food, though this could pass for Syrah.
Oregon Pinot Camp triangle of flavor: red/purple fruit, fleshy, spicy.
— a month ago

Avi Feldstein

Dry White Sauvignon Blanc 2015

third vintage I'm trying. this is the oldest in terms of age.

90% sauvignon blanc
10% Sémillon

3 different yeasts fermented and aged for a year in Burgundy marsena barrels (new, one year old and two years old).

13.3% ABV

usual transparent green, with hinted gold 👀

mostly mushroom, dirt and variety nuts bag with some dried fruits, hints of lemon, pear and hints of hints of mango👃

medium + body.
high acidity.

pleasent biterness, 🍋juice with added pulp and a lot of nutiness and complicated age characteristics including tar and dried shitake mushrooms. also some grass and hinted stone fruit and mango 👄

long 🎯

so interesting to taste it aged.

not sure if it's better for me compared to a more recent vintage,
but I'd sure love to to switch between a fresher one, this one and a two more years in the bottle one in different days of the week.

90 nis (as part of a threesome) unbelievable vfm.

paired lovely with dairy and salad based supper then brunch.

avi feldstein --> 🎉
— 5 months ago

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Domaine Louis Max

Clos du Four Mâcon Milly-Lamartine Chardonnay 2016


Got it at Costco for $10....surprisingly good, easy to drink Burgundian chardonnay...well balance of fruits on the nose, gentle acidity to finish, and lovely terroir. A good switch when getting tired of California chardonays... — 6 months ago

Meranda-Nixon Winery

Ohio River Valley Chardonnay 2018

Slight Lemony butter bouquet. Crisp tart creamy lemon citrus upfront that finishes with a switch to a buttery oak pop. Then a hint of minerals / slate. — a year ago

Maison L'Envoyé

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2012

Wow.... first swig after the twenty bench cabernet Sauvignon.... dull. But let’s consider .... Napa to France... bold switch.
It has opened up and light and refreshing and quite pleasant.
— 3 months ago

Neal Ferry
with Neal
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Neal Ferry

Neal Ferry

Mucho Cherries

Bella Union

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Ron R

Wifey is crushing the baking these days... Donut holes with chocky sauce and raspberry coulis.
Bella Union is rich, deep and textured. Nice switch up from the “failed to launch Belle Glos.”
— 6 months ago

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David T

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Ok, I have to agree w/ your earlier statement. When it gets to donuts, she might be trying to do you in. 🤣
Ron R

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Yes, I feel like the village pig 🐷 at this point. My days are numbered 😔

Switch Back

Peterson Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Leather and cocoa. Big supple black fruit. Yummmm. Devouring creamy hearty pasta with this big boy. My fave of the Switchback offerings. Love! — 9 months ago

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Kristin the Wine Girl

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This delicious wine is available on — comment and tag me if you would like a discount code! Cheers friends!

Reeve Wines

Vecino Vineyard Rosé Pinot Noir 2019

Very refreshing in the current heatwave and, surprisingly, love the switch to a twist top....feels right for rose. Crisp and dry with red berry notes but light and refreshing. Not in the least jammy. Balanced acidity. Lovely pale color - hurray! — 3 months ago


Cuvée Elisabeth Salmon Brut Champagne 2007

David T

Normally, we are just fine with their N/V Rosé Champagne. Thought it was time to switch it up and pull out a bottle of vintage.

The nose reveals; blood orange, tangerine, pink rose petal infused strawberries, pink grapefruit w/ a dash of sugar, rhubarb, under ripened watermelon, Rainier cherries, apricots, peach, hints of black cherries, touch of oyster shell, saline, sea fossils, grey volcanics, some white spice, crumbled, dry chalk, hints of bread dough, yeasty notes & baguette crust/toast, coriander, fruit blossoms, peach colored lilies, orchids in a field of wild flowers.

The mousse is extremely delicate with micro-oxygenation. Caresses the palate like a feather duster. Blood orange, tangerine, pink rose petal infused strawberries, pink grapefruit w/ a dash of sugar, rhubarb, under ripened watermelon, Rainier cherries, apricots, yellow peach, hints of black cherries, marmalade fruit pieces, touch of oyster shell, saline, sea fossils, palate gripping fine grain grey volcanics, limestone minerals, pronounced white spice with gentle yet punctuating heat, vanillin, crumbled, dry chalk, hints of bread dough, yeasty notes & baguette crust/toast, coriander, fruit blossoms, peach colored lilies, orchids in a field of wild flowers. The acidity is beautiful...near perfect. The finish is; elegant, very refined, well knitted and balanced in fruit & earth and persists endlessly with just the right level of white spice. Excellent.

Photos of; House of Billecart, Riedel Sommelier Flutes, Billecart Tasting Salon and cellared bottles.
— 4 months ago

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Dick Schinkel

Dick Schinkel

Delicious 🥂
Shay A

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Nice bottle @David T !

Two Hands

Lily's McLaren Vale Garden Shiraz 2008

This was a big ol' boy! After the 84 Chappellet, I had to switch gears a little bit! Second wine served blind to more or less the same crowd. Poured black and inky. Nose with a little bit of meat but this was mostly black dark roasted fruits. Entry was dark blackberry, sweet plums, figs, baking spice. Power. Lots of guesses for syrah and petite sirah and I don't think anyone really thought this one was 11 years old. Finished with a lot of roasted sweet and chewy tannin. I didn't think I was in the mood for this kind of wine until I realized that I was in the mood for this kind of wine! I think this one has another five to ten years easily. Wondering why this one seems to get lower scores on Delectable, but I have a feeling that most people don't give these the age they need. — a year ago

Dan FitzgeraldBradley DavisWeston Eidson
with Dan, Bradley and 3 others
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Shay A

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This was served to me blind. My first comment was “this tastes familiar...”, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to recall the ‘08 Two Hands BG I had earlier this year to call this Aussie Shiraz! My guess was Napa petite sirah, though I did guess the high ABV. Almost motor oil black in the glass. Dense. I didn’t get any meat here, but I did pick up quite a bit of peppercorn alongside rich and ripe blackberries, blueberries and fig on the nose. Unabashed. Liqueur like on the palate with Andes mint chocolate and baked mixed berry pie. At 11yrs old, still quite powerful.