Château Belles Filles

Garanoir Gamaret

Swiss wine - difficult to get hold off but worth the effort. — 5 months ago

Association viticole de Lutry

Orphéus Gamaret-Garanoir 2014

Amazig Swiss wine. Has a deep blackberry smell that gives a high intensity strong wine feeling. Smooth and flavorful when tasted with settle after taste — 4 years ago

André Jacquinet

'Merci' Garanoir

Oregon is on fire! Stupid good — a year ago

Ian and Keith liked this

Domaine des Abeilles d'Or

Douce Noire Genève Gamaret Blend 2013

Could use some aging (2013 tasted in 2016). — 4 years ago

Domaine des Vallières

Magie Noire Genève Garanoir Gamaret 2012

Great light red spot on with a rack of lamb! — 6 years ago

Cave Berthaudin

Le Clos De Roussillon Tartegnin Grand Cru

Love Swiss wines. Tastes like fresh strawberries and butter. — 3 years ago