Domaine Des Pères De L'église

Domaine de la Grange des Pères

Vin de Pays de l'Hérault Red Rhone Blend 2013

Excellent red blend - Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah earthy and rounded. Drank from magnum ... excellent! — 2 days ago

Saget Pères & Fils

Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

Semi-dry, with an apricot-like sweetness, and even a touch of mead-like honey in the body. Finishes lightly tart and tannic, with a lingering floral note — 6 months ago

Les Pères Chartreux (L. Garnier)

Chartreuse Jaune V.E.P.

Soooo great! Floral herbal rare French digestivo! Stunner! — 2 years ago

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Les Pères Chartreux (L. Garnier)

Chartreuse Verte

Chartreuse Verte is one of my favorite digestifs (also aperitifs if I’m being honest), so I felt it was due for a post.

The aroma is transportive. Like standing in a meadow of freshly cut grass and wild herbs in the summer. In your mouth, a silky progression of flavors unwind: the purest anise and sweet herbs, followed by a fierce bitter bite on the finish that balances the sweetness brilliantly.

I keep a bottle in the freezer and frequently enjoy a pour over a few cubes of ice.
— a month ago

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Josh Morgenthau

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@Joseph Barsky I know! You could probably run your car with it in a pinch if you needed to!
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Josh Morgenthau most def! I also love a light Spanish vermouth and club soda on the rocks. But one of my new favorite apertifs/digestifs has become Zirbenz and soda on a few rocks. Literally made from pinecones ha!
Josh Morgenthau

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@S.S. Mandani never heard of it! I wIll have to seek out a bottle.

Les Pères Chartreux (L. Garnier)

Génépi des Pères Chartreux

That bottle! A seriously herbal and tasty French digestif that perfectly capped our dinner of raclette and fondue. #Megeve — 2 years ago

L. Garnier

Liqueur Fabriquée Par Les Pères Chartreux White Blend

Wow. Showstopper. Happy 1605 chartreuse day. — 4 months ago

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Domaine des Pères de L'Église

Le Calice de Saint-Pierre Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2016

Pick this wine up from Costco at a very decent price and I was very satisfied. I drank this over three days and I want to say the second day was the best. It was definitely fruit-forward, full-bodied, and some pepper at the end. Not big on wines with pepper but this one did not disappoint and I would definitely buy again. — 6 months ago

Domaine Anne Gros

Le Clos de l'Église Bourgogne Chardonnay 2016

Яблочный джем, лимонные цукаты, грейпфрут, булка с заварным кремом.
В традиционном стиле, комплексно, минерально, чуть алкогольно и экстрактивно, но строго. Как и красное, сделано под выдержку, пить винтажи постарше.
— a year ago

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