Casar De Burbia

Casar de Burbia

Heritage Bierzo Mencía 2015

Strawberry on the nose. Nice red cherry and kirsch aromas. Very good with light food. A summer red wine. @Ellen Clifford : this is a good red wine to drink chilled. — 5 months ago

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Ellen Clifford

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@Paulo Saliby nice! Thanks for the intel:)

Casar de Burbia

Casar Bierzo Godello 2017

Fruity dry perfect before diner — 2 years ago

Casar de Burbia

Valtuille de Arriba Bierzo Mencía 2017

Mencia suave y equilibrado — 6 months ago

Casar de Burbia

Bierzo Mencía 2015

This is the only premium bottling called Hombros — 7 months ago

Casar de Valdaiga

Bierzo Mencia 2012

Anita likened it... me too... it was OK — 2 years ago

Ramón do Casar

Galicia Ribeira White Blend 2013

Intensidad aromática media-alta, salinidad, piña, lácteos, en boca untuosidad, goloso, equilibrado — 5 years ago

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Casar de Burbia

Tebaida Nemesio Bierzo Mencía

Lively and lovely 😊 — a year ago

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Casar de Burbia

Casar Bierzo Mencía 2017

Creamy white peach, hint of pineapple - great balance. — 8 months ago

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Casar de Burbia

Hombros Bierzo Mencía 2009

Opens up nicely after some decanting. Thought it would have been passed its prime, but no, still going strong (bright, cherry, candy...) — 2 years ago