Busby Estate

Wyndham Estate

Bin 555 Hunter Valley Burgundy Shiraz 1987

Sometimes it happens that you know it is going to be good, but as much honestly.
Texture of an aged Bordeaux which means the most refined silk.
Hunter benchmarks like leather and dried red flowers. Pencil lead, orange and watermelon rinds plus pomegranate.
Simply an outstanding wine that I wish everyone could meet one day to understand what this region can give.
1987 is indeed a great vintage there and back in those days Wyndham Estate was still up to its reputation.
George Wyndham planted the Dalwood vineyard back in 1830 with the plants handed to him by James Busby and apparently that was the first established vineyard in Australia.
The story always helps,doesn't it?
— 5 months ago

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Scott Rowe

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I’m holding you to that offer! @Ceccherini Cristiano cheers.
Scott Rowe

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A very kind and generous offer I might add!! @Ceccherini Cristiano
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@Scott Rowe No worries mate, I will definitely contact you in that case👍

Lucy Margaux Vineyards

Wildman Domaine Lucci Pinot Noir 2015

Domaine Lucci Wildman Pinot Noir 2015: We're not sure what's behind the "Wildman" name. We've heard it makes reference to Tim Wildman, MW extraordinaire and leader of the fabulous James Busby wineland tours. Or it could easily refer to Anton himself - not a stretch given this is the man who's been known to wear hot pants to official Aussie tasting events. Or may it refers to the general wildness of the wine - whole bunch, nothing-done-to-it pinot noir that manages to be juicy and earthy, structured and gluggable, a touch funky but not at all dirty. If you've had the Noir de Florette, this one is the deeper, darker, very slightly more grown up version. It's awesome. And a great peek into all that's new and different... and wild... from the land down under.
— 4 years ago

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Mi Sueño Winery

El Llano Napa Valley Red Blend 2009

Houston's with Mathew Busby — 8 years ago


Reservado de la Familia Malbec 2012

You know those Busby Berkeley girls legs that.... Yeh those ones.
You know that first cigar you drew on.... Yeh that one.
And the first time you tasted....Yeh that.
It's all here.
— 6 years ago

James Busby

Penola Estate Shiraz 2012

Bought for $10 and beautifully complex — 6 years ago